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  1. mudbutt

    Bot Developer

    Found and closed, thanks all!
  2. mudbutt

    Bot Developer

    Hello Looking for a developer that can create a bot to automate configuring DNS on dynadot using their API. Budget: $200 Need it done today. PM me your skype, thanks!
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    Got my review copy delivered quickly as well and here are my honest thoughts. Pros: great clean reporting, good enough to slap your own logo on and forward it to a client. Nice variety of diversity links on sources with good metrics Content snippets on them are decent enough. Reasonable...
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    [WTH] Facebook Agency Account

    Hi, Looking for LEGIT Facebook Agency Account owners that we can work with for a few things. We only run white hat campaigns on our own offers. We do NOT need ad accounts, but would need to add you as admin on our BM. Primarily so we can get access to a higher tier support from FB to make sure...
  5. mudbutt

    Is there any sure way to rank a page stuck on 10th spot to 1st quickly?

    serp clicks with great onpage metrics will get you up and more importantly, stay up. Don’t try to move up without making sure your onpage metrics are 100% solid first.
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    I am going to hell for this method part 2, Kickstarter!

    late state syphilis I think but I’m not a doctor , I just play one on pornhub
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    Bill Gates is dead

    Indianbillgates > actual bill gates
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    Do people actually use white theme?

    Used black for like 9 years, white in the last few. It’s nice not getting side eyed by my girlfriend when I fire up BHW at night cus she thinks I’m on some adult website
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    God awful experience, very condescending when presented with evidence that what was delivered was not what was ordered. 0/10.
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    Confirmed. Google Ads ranked our website without any SEO!

    its not just about traffic for traffic sake, rather traffic that will boost on site metrics. we havent tested geo specific traffic so don't know the answer to that.
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    Confirmed. Google Ads ranked our website without any SEO!

    there are a lot of factors when it comes to ranking with traffic, it helps it pop - but if you don’t have the required on page metrics the ranks are not sticky causing a slide back to original position.What metrics? It depends on each vertical. AdWords may have a better advantage because it...
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    Confirmed. Google Ads ranked our website without any SEO!

    Traffic ranks. It’s not AdWords specific.
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    Anyone heard of this app called Telegram?

    I love telegram it makes me feel like a Russian seo hacker when I use it. The private mode is so legit
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    Have you ever had a gut feeling dealing with someone on here?

    Yea a few times developers gave me recent projects from their “portfolios” that were mega brands. Ya buddy I’m sure you developed for $9/hour prepaid
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    The "secret" to success is very simple

    The secret to success is having a giant butt and wap + social media
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    Got Me Some Black Pussy

    Nice, I was expecting black vagene but got a black feline instead 2/10
  17. mudbutt

    Shopify Shop + Blog Advice Needed

    Wordpress for sure. Much more flexibility with URL structures, plugins, etc.
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    my wedding is costing me 30K + YIKES

    my divorce was 10x that :(
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    Niche Edits

    Niche edits are great when they’re not from hacked sources that are illegal! Be careful with who you do business with, double check your sellers.