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  1. kilovats

    TikTok machine learning

    You'd be surprised how much data they collect from their users. No wonder they have problems in the EU haha.
  2. kilovats

    ✅➡️ Fast Services - High Quality - Lifetime Guarantee - 24/7 Support ⬅️

    Just checked the accounts that were used for liking my FB post - approximately 35% of them have been already deleted/banned by FB, "high quality" lol. Not saying other services by NLO are bad, but this one in particular has been proven to be a bit disappointing.
  3. kilovats

    ✅➡️ Fast Services - High Quality - Lifetime Guarantee - 24/7 Support ⬅️

    Fast delivery for liking my FB post, yet the quality of accounts was terrible, I was expecting more effort and more HQ audience for the price at hand instead I got Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian likes from accounts that look trash or for that matter were totally blank with no posts nor photos...
  4. kilovats

    The Love of my life broke up with me. So I've thrown away my White hat for a Black one.

    Start with making good habits, take this time to grow not to dive into more problems. I know being "the bad guy" may seem cool in your mind but in reality its not, this along with the emotions of your gf dumping you will pass and at the end of the day you will look back and see how you have...
  5. kilovats

    private accounts with millions of followers?

    They pay small amount to influencers for promoting their accounts. And the owners of private accounts , presumably, use SMM panels to boost the specific video. In such way they have a lesser chance of getting banned/shadowbanned since the main source of followers come from other accounts...
  6. kilovats

    2 Questions - 1) LIVE decreases my views on my uploads - 2) Went crazy viral but nobody following my Twitch.

    Hmm, I see two options here a) either the site leading to your stream doesn't work properly; or b) your content isn't incentivizing enough. Maybe you can still continue making those videos, but in the comments mention that you will be doing giftcard giveaways or depending on your content]you...
  7. kilovats

    2 Questions - 1) LIVE decreases my views on my uploads - 2) Went crazy viral but nobody following my Twitch.

    I guess it really depends on how you incentivize your viewers in visiting/following your twitch tv account. I'd suggest making mixed content consisting of twitch stream moments that are popular and easy to scale as virals as well as your own. Use the following to your benefit, nobody is...
  8. kilovats

    Tiktok Algorithm and Detection

    using an iOS with no SIM and VPN. Works like a charm, however find it a bit difficult automating the whole process.
  9. kilovats

    How do you guys deal with customers who blackmail your client over 1-star Google reviews?

    Majority of people don't have lawyers behind them. What I suggest is to turn to a lawyer that deals with small claims cases. They usually have a template for such pre-court notices that essentially warn the person in question about possible claim brought against them. Most of the people get...
  10. kilovats

    Journey to 100k tiktok followers

    Congratulations on the gains. Any idea how you will cash out the Piggybanktoken? That seems to be the main problem for shitcoins.
  11. kilovats

    My YT Video was Stolen and put on TikTok

    Wrong site buddy also welcome to the internet
  12. kilovats

    HELP Looking for TikTok shadow ban strategy. (2 Year shadow ban)

    Maybe if you didn't have zucc as your profile picture, you'd have more luck.
  13. kilovats

    47 Free Udemy Courses 29-05-2021

    Wow, thanks man!
  14. kilovats

    [JOURNEY] TikTok + CPA ($50/day)

    Not for adults, they specialize in mobile CPA.
  15. kilovats

    [JOURNEY] TikTok + CPA ($50/day)

    Good luck! I can only agree with the part on reposted content detection, try playing around with pre-applied color filters. That might help!
  16. kilovats

    In which crypto is better to invest 2021?

    Cardano (ADA) is a really good option, as well as XRP, while they do have a lawsuit against them, the chances of winning it are quite probable and they also have a chance for a settlement. If you are interested in the fastest gains - Safemoon, has a lot of backing from the public and...
  17. kilovats

    [JOURNEY] TikTok + CPA ($50/day)

    Shadowbanned, don't just repost content. If they detect it they won't direct any traffic your way...
  18. kilovats


    BTC and ETH requires a lot of initial investment. If I were you I'd probably go for ADA and XRP; if you are interested more in short term gains: Safemoon.
  19. kilovats

    [JOURNEY] TikTok + CPA ($50/day)

    Good luck on your journey, CPA is incredibly underrated method on TikTok, just beware of the TOS- they are more strict and it is easier to get banned than e.g. on Instagram. Depending on your niche try to look for ways to innovate and you will earn decent money. Those who persist succeed!
  20. kilovats

    Tiktok is fake.

    damn calling the bank to cancel the card/payment seems to be so much hassle. Not promoting or anything, but I suggest using Revolut and use a disposable/digital debit card, works like a charm.