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  1. Dominor001

    An EXCITING and Transparent Journey to building a 50k/month Software/Web development company

    Hi guys! Some of you may know me from a few years back when i was quite active on this forum. Anyway today, I decided to start this journey thread it will be about sharing my experience of building a successful web development/ software development company. I will try my best to share...
  2. Dominor001

    Do refunds affect my PayPal Account ?

    Hey I was wondering if issuing a refund without a paypal dispute from my PayPal account is bad for my paypal account ?
  3. Dominor001

    Need a graphic designer for logo

    Hi there I need a graphic designer for logo making. PM your work and rate on skype : dominoor
  4. Dominor001

    Need a graphic designer

    Hello BHW, We need a graphic designer to work with on creating some Product stickers and logos. And several other projects coming. Please contact me on skype : dominoor
  5. Dominor001

    Hiring SEO guy

    We are hiring a white-hat seo expert to work with us on an ongoing project. Send me your : - Hourly rate - Experience - Location
  6. Dominor001

    E-commerce journey to 20,000$ by the end of 2018

    Hello there guys.. I'm here with a new journey. Many of you know me from this journey. I stopped updating after going on vacation.. I haven't quitted but I had other business on my mind. The goal from my former journey was to reach 5k$/month a.k.a 166$/day and I reached 48$ on my best day. Lots...
  7. Dominor001

    Do you have 30$+ on Fiverr balance ? Earn 10$ now

    I am in need for someone who has 30$ or more on his Fiverr balance, I need it to be withrawn into my Payoneer account and I will pay the equivalent + 10$ I posted this on HAF, If this is the wrong section tell me
  8. Dominor001

    Are YOUTUBE SMM Panels dead ?

    Hello guys, in the last few days we have seen lots of updates with youtube , views and likes have started dropping.. And none of the panels have likes that work with no drop. Is this the end for smm panels ? Or is there anyone who solved this issue.. thanks
  9. Dominor001

    Is VidIQ search volume reliable ?

    While doing keyword research for youtube videos, is VidIQ Monthly Searches reliable, because i also use the extension "Keywords Everywhere" and I get completely different results so I got confused..
  10. Dominor001

    Need someone to make videos

    So I need somebody that can do make the following videos : 1. Making mobile hack proof videos (for CPI) (Either recording yourself or your screen) 2. Record videos on desktop (should be able to complete surveys and show proof too) 3. Make simple video montages (of gameplays etc..) The videos...
  11. Dominor001

    Service where I can use phone numbers

    Hey guys, does any of you know of a service where I can buy a phone number for specific country and be able to send SMS's and maybe use Whatsapp with it.
  12. Dominor001

    How to post video link in a YouTube comment ?

    Hello guys, so i'm looking for a safe way to post link to my youtube video using youtube comments. A youtube link obviously doesn't get posted and is put automatically in "likely spam". I've figured that even that /watch?v=id is "likely spam". Do you guys know of a way I can do this?
  13. Dominor001

    YouTube CPA Journey to 5000$/month (166$/day)

    Hello guys so I decided to open a Journey thread to motivate myself and others reach their goal. It's been more than 3 years that I am here made 3 or 4 unsuccessful journey threads before lol. And here I am again :p So this is a Blackhat Youtube CPA Journey. Before I start I want to give a...
  14. Dominor001

    Windows 10 keeps installing APPS!!

    Recently I noticed that windows 10 was installing some apps like Candy Crush Saga from windows store automatically and without permission, It's annoying. Did this happen to any of you ?
  15. Dominor001

    Best CPA network for Desktop Traffic ??

    Hi guys, I need recommendation for a CPA network to drive my desktop traffic to. Originally i've been doing OGads they are good for mobile traffic but they suck with desktop traffic so I've been redirecting all my desktop traffic to CPAgrip and honestly i'm still not very satisfied with the...
  16. Dominor001

    OGADS How to deal with Desktop Conversions

    As in the image below, we can clearly see that Ogads sucks when it comes to Desktop traffic. The Android conversions are also low, and it looks like iOS has the best offers in terms of CVR and Payout. What I am going to do is to modify the landing page to redirect to CPAgrip content locker if on...
  17. Dominor001

    Ogads conversion rate 10% and very low payouts

    Hello guys, as the titles suggests I've been getting a big amount of clicks but veery few conversions the conversion is 10% without mentioning that the conversions I get cost 0.3$ 0.2$. What do you think might be the problem. Also do you suggest some other network ?
  18. Dominor001

    Is instagram down ?

    I've been getting this 5xx server error when I try going to the website. And the app also doesn't work.
  19. Dominor001

    How do you become so good at SEO

    For all the SEO gurus out there, how did you guys become so good ? I am web developer and software developer and have learned so many things and usually i do pretty well when it comes to computer related skills, but man i just suck at SEO.
  20. Dominor001

    [NEED HELP] Campaigns set up by my partner doesn't show up

    I wonder if anyone had this problem before, or knows the solution. Basically, my advertiser has set up campaign (not live yet) but still I think it should appear in the ads manager, I am the ad account owner and have all the permissions. Still can't see the campaign he set up.. If anyone knows...