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  1. callmemaximillian

    Google Ads is DOWN !?

    Try to log in to my Google Ads accounts and see: 500. That’s an error. There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know. Do you have the same?
  2. callmemaximillian

    Adsense Foreigner Owned USA LLC - Taxes

    Hi, was searching on the internet, but didn`t find the answer. Hopefully we all are here, on bhw:) Hope somebody had similar situation, so: I am not US citizen running US LLC. Now it`s time to withdraw money from Adsense, where problem occurs, Adsense asks Tax form questions To help find the...
  3. callmemaximillian

    Is a website worth for Backlinks?

    Got a question for Scrapebox users: After you gather a url list(for ex. 20 000) - how to you filter/determine if website worth to put Backlink on (according to metrics)? Do you use only ScrapeBox addon? What tools are useful for bulk url check?
  4. callmemaximillian

    ScrapeBox does not see AJAX?

    I looked through the forum wanted to figure out, how can handle websites, where AJAX is used (you will not see data in the source code) and found the thread:
  5. callmemaximillian

    Up To Date Form Autofill Software?

    Hello, I read through the forum, but couldn`t find information about the up to date software that could help me autofill forms on different websites. I mean, I would like to add my website to different "niche" directories and citations, so software should be semi-automated because a lot of...