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  1. Fresherwink

    REQ- WordPress affiliate program instigation plugins.

    Hi, i need a free affiliate program instigation plugins for my wordpress store where people can spread my site products and get a affiliate commission for selling my store products. please give the best suggestion in your experience. TIA.
  2. Fresherwink

    [REQ] Point of sales

    Hey i need point of sale script . can anyone please help me with purchase key or nulled version. Thanks in advance
  3. Fresherwink

    REQ- Need suggestion to auto backup Site

    i need to backup my site on daily basis. Is there any automation process? will appreciate your suggestion.
  4. Fresherwink

    [REQ] Electronics and Appliance store POS

    Hi there, i am a small business owner and want to use a point of sale system for my show. i want a free and reliable POS system for free. Is there any solution or what do you recommend? Will appreciate your concern.
  5. Fresherwink

    Help Please

    Is there any free site or method to determine the site language in bulk url ?
  6. Fresherwink

    Are you a youtuber?

    can anyone give me a free downloadable course where i can learn " how to create video without recording ?" Cheers!
  7. Fresherwink

    What is the best software of text to speech?

    i Need the reference of best online or offline software of text to speech. Thanks for helping me out. CHeers.
  8. Fresherwink

    Want to start VPS service!!

    Hi, i am from uk and i have 15 computers. So i want to do a business. I want to rent those pc via remote desktop connection . How and where to start? what would be the policy ?
  9. Fresherwink

    what is the procedure to make theme for Envato or Themeforest marketplace?

    hi, i am a newbie and i have grow interest to make theme . How and where to start? what i need to learn ? Details please! Thanks in advance
  10. Fresherwink

    what is the best place to learn photoshop zero to advance FREE?

    Hello BHW, i am a newbie and want to start my career on Graphics Design. So, Please share some useful resources to learn PHOTOSHOP. Thanks in advance.
  11. Fresherwink

    Need Free Batch Distance Calculator tools

    i have several cities with post code (around 35 k Entries) and i need calculate distance from my office to each. can anyone suggest me a tool which have the ability to scrap all data at once. I will appreciate your help. Please help me
  12. Fresherwink

    Help Me to Get Ahrefs Report for one site

    Help Me to Get Ahrefs Report for one site , i will inbox you the details if you interested. and also appreciate your concern.
  13. Fresherwink

    10 million email list

    i have 10 million emails list and i also need some extra money in this following month. What cpa offer i should promote to engage people and earn some quick cash? please help
  14. Fresherwink

    i am dreaming with this

    i am new at AM. Starting with crackrevenue. i am searching AND reading methods. yet experiment with creating landing pages. till now i have created two landing pages and connected them each other. it was real fun. you can see that at : , put your email for looking second...