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  1. loukeyzee

    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    Have you ever taken profits or have you just been HODLING?
  2. loukeyzee

    Crypto to zero?

    What happens to BTC when the internet does offline (which it will eventually, even if only temporarily)
  3. loukeyzee

    A big dilemma with my competitor/ex-mentor...

    You sure he's mid 60's? Because he's sounding whole lot like Donald Trump
  4. loukeyzee

    What to do with this money?

    How many BTC you need to become a millionaire in 10 years?
  5. loukeyzee

    Discord Bot -

    Hey Luca :), I am an automation specialist. Still looking for a discord bot? PM me back or add me on Skype or Telegram for quicker conversation at: loukeyzee Cheers, Loukeyzee
  6. loukeyzee

    Moderna Vaccine Banned For People Under 30

    It's f*cked up and unfair. This deserves global coverage from the MSM...if you can't understand why someone would be skeptical of getting vaccinated you are a complete wanker. Everyone should have a choice. What happened to "My body my choice"?
  7. loukeyzee

    Looking for a web designer

    Check your PM
  8. loukeyzee

    Spotify Deezer Bot

    Post in the Hire a Freelancer Section This is he Introduction area.
  9. loukeyzee

    Spotify Deezer Bot

    Hello to you too sir.
  10. loukeyzee

    Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.'

    What is even sadder is these "scientists" who spill all the beans hoping to get laid. I wonder if they brought some of Pfizer's Viagra on this date? Maybe some anti-depressants for when Pfizer gives them the axe.
  11. loukeyzee

    Zuckerberg right now

    I wonder what they're gonna roll out....
  12. loukeyzee

    Just Spent $10,000 on a Bitcoin Mining Rig.. Wish Me Luck!

    Where did you get this sign?
  13. loukeyzee

    In your opinion, what is the easiest job that pays over $100k a year.

    Geee....I wonder why :D Hahaha seriously though, the EASIEST job for a 100k a year I'd have to say.....there is no easy job
  14. loukeyzee


    It’s really a lesson for us all. Happy to see you keep us up to date.
  15. loukeyzee


    Someone at least is eating well
  16. loukeyzee

    Honesty Does Pay.

    I would probably do the same and refund an honest person.
  17. loukeyzee

    Can buying crypto be a business write off?

    Maybe if you are buying crypto to create a business that has to do with crypto?