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  1. michaelwesten account

    interested in buying one, pm me the details.
  2. michaelwesten

    Need people with high ranking websites.

    PM me if you own a website that ranks in the top 5 Google results for any keyword.
  3. michaelwesten

    Is anybody using their service? If so, what's the difference between their service and hostgators? Right now I'm using hostgator but I'm thinking about switching to seohosting.
  4. michaelwesten

    Using nulled vBulletin?

    Is there any way to tell if a website is using a nulled version of vBulletin?
  5. michaelwesten

    How much is a PR4 Domain worth?

    How much is a PR4 domain containing the keyword "cancer" worth?
  6. michaelwesten

    9 Order form submits = 1 sale? WTH?

    Just checked my Clickbank account and it says Order Form Submit Count 9 Initial Sales Count 1 Does that mean 8 people got their cards declined? WTF? :confused: How's that possible? :confused:
  7. michaelwesten

    Applying to CPA networks - Domain age?

    When you apply to CPA networks, do they check your websites whois info? does the domain age matter?
  8. michaelwesten

    Creating a Website for CPA?

    What kind of website do you need to get into a CPA network? I'm thinking about creating a fake advertising company website, has this worked for anyone before? I'm located outside the US, if that matters.
  9. michaelwesten

    Free domain + Hosting for 1 year (NOT JUST HOST)

    Sorry if this has been already posted. Go to this link Find a domain, remove all the extra shit they offer. Enter your CC info(you won't be charged just cancel auto renewal). After you've registered your domain go to auto renewal and...
  10. michaelwesten

    Hey Guys

    Hey Guys I've been lurking around a past few weeks, just got accepted a few days ago. Great forum. I'm a complete newbie to the internet marketing world and I just wanted to ask if training sites like affiliit or wealthy affiliate are worth your time and money?