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  1. beDreamful

    Tools you might need that does not exist?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to know if any of you looked for tools or software they needed but could not really find it. I'm always looking for inspiration & ideas. I'm currently working on CMS\Spinner even though that already exists. So everyone, what are the tools you would...
  2. beDreamful

    100% Automated Review Website From Scratch. My Journey Learning Python.

    Hey there folks. I haven't been involved in anything here for a long time due to personal reasons. To keep it short, I'm making the career switch from campaign manager in digital marketing to software development. I learned Java a while ago making apps & I needed a project to get my hand deep...
  3. beDreamful

    Pay Per Call Setup

    Hey there. I had a question for the PPC folks around here. I never dealt with affiliate link through adwords. Do you need cloaking for a call only campaign if I want to send calls to a pay per call network? Thanks for your input! You can ask me questions about whitehat adword in general!
  4. beDreamful

    Would you pay for ad campaign setup?

    Hey there guys! I was wondering if offering to set up peoples campaigns would be a good service to offer. How much would you be willing to pay for such a service? How much would you pay for campaign management? (Less than 500$ ad spend per week) Would you like to receive a build report with...
  5. beDreamful

    PPC Advertisement - Ask me questions. GAds - Bing - FB - Snapchat- etc.

    I'm overwhelmed with work and personal project lately. I'm taking a break but will take this opportunity to help out others. Let's discuss.
  6. beDreamful

    My lifetime journey to 100 websites. 100$/day each.

    Hey there BHW. I am here to start a journal about my journey. I am mostly writing it to keep me motivated to work daily on this project even though I have a busy schedule. Since late October, I have been reading and building my long-term strategy to a portfolio of 100 websites. I have been...
  7. beDreamful

    CPA with PPC. Sharing is caring.

    Hey everyone. I wanted to ask If any of you had experience with CPA Offers and PPC Advertising. I am planning out my journey and wanted to share info so we can all learn. Here's a couple questions. What's the smallest daily budget you have used to test profitability of a campaign? What KPIs...
  8. beDreamful

    I'm back and I changed my life because of you guys

    Hey there. Haven't posted in a while. I thought I should stop here and tell my story. This is my introduction post from February this year. Hi there everyone! I am Alex, a 25-year-old male going through a life crisis. I can't stand the factory work anymore and want to spread my art to the...
  9. beDreamful

    Smells like freedom in here..

    Hi there everyone! I am Alex, a 25-year-old male going through a life crisis. I can't stand the factory work anymore and want to spread my art to the world! I have been programming and drawing as hobbies since my childhood and it's time for me to finally pursue a passion instead of $ $! I came...