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  1. danialdcruz

    Niche edit links and PBNs

    Hi all, I'm trying to find more information about niche edits links. Is niche edit links more powerful than PBNs? Or it does not necessary have to be that way? And how do we determine if the niche edit links are powerful? Based on the RDs?
  2. danialdcruz

    No changes in serp but traffic drops

    Hi, my ranking for most kws have not change. (Checked both using serp tracking tools and manually using VPN) But it seems like my traffic is slowly and steadily dropping for about 20% since the start of the month. Could this be some kind of penalty? Or anyone has an idea of what is happening?
  3. danialdcruz

    Keyword competition

    Hi guys, i would like to seek your advice. Let's say i'm trying to rank for the keyword 'nice table' and the top 10 competitors only target the keyword 'table'(on page and site title). The number #1 is an authority site btw. Would it be possible to outrank them?
  4. danialdcruz

    Trying to rank for related keywords

    Hi guys, I need some advise from you. I'm trying to rank for related keywords. For e.g, item 'A' and item 'B' basically are the same product. Im ranking item 'A' quite okay but not so good for item 'B'. What do you suggest for me to do? I have not include any anchor text for 'item B' at all...