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    How To Get Fresh Leads Using A Little Known Strategy/ Drive more Traffic and Build an Email List

    First of all, thanks to OP for the review copy. Now, about the ebook: What I like about the ebook is that the idea is good for beginners because it's pretty simple to execute and it doesn't require any prior experience to be implemented. Also, the method to gather the leads can be easily...
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    A Coin Idea that will take it to the moon

    I'm pretty sure nobody wants to buy just "ideas".
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    READ: This is for those who need long-form content

    ^ This. If there's no catch and the content is original send me a sample as well.
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    How do i sell my new business for $350,000. Also can you recommend an Agency for me?

    Sadly nobody really cares how complex/simple it was to create the business, it's all about the revenue. I can't really create random programs and sell them with the idea that "it might make you 1m in 2 years".
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    FREE conversion .ai trial accounts

    I'm guessing there are no spots left but just in case, I'm really interested :)
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    Are HTTP requests bots worse than browser emulation?

    Depends on the amount of logging & detection they have + how much you really care. At the end of the day, what a browser does can be 100% replicated with http requests.
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    Instagram Username Avalability checker tool

    If you don't want to use proxies you can try to think outside of the box. You don't have to hit instagram servers to check instagram usernames. One example might be a facebook form that has a better rate limit. You can come up with other providers if you just look around :)
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    Instagram Username Avalability checker tool

    The endpoint is /instagram/results but it has a captcha which will slowdown your stuff for 30s-1m. I've made a tool for stuff like this if you look through my threads.
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    Youtube Starts Robbing Creators [NEW Policy]

    Like the last time I've commented on something similar to this, I still don't see the problem. It's not "robbing" them as the guys weren't making any money on the videos anyway. The thing is pretty much "We are allowed to put ads where we want on our website" so how is that bad exactly? Sounds a...
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    Where can I find a FREE Mastodon bot?

    I just searched "Mastodon Bot" on Github and I found plenty. Give them a try and see if you find one that you can use for your purposes
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    My Setup To Get A 100% Performance Grade On GTMetrix

    Congrats but to be completely honest this looks more like an advertising technique for your casino site rather than a tutorial / thank you or whatever.
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    [Review Copies] My book on how I built and sold my software company

    I sadly don't meet the 500 posts mark but I'd love to read this as it's something I'm really interested in.
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    How to move a dropshipping website to a passive income one

    Not really good at dropshipping but can't you automate the processes that take the most time? It won't be completely passive but a few hours max a week isn't really awful either.
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    The Earth has

    Great wisdom right there. Also, I love the "live your life kids, don't stare at a computer all day" while you yourself spent all this time writing 600+ posts on this forum. In any case, have fun with whatever you're doing homie. - Grudge
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    The Earth has

    So a cave ( created by nature ) is a better place to live than a house ( created by humans ) ? Also, isn't it funny you're posting this on the internet which was made by humans? - Grudge
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    [READY TO PAY] Why do I get the CloudFlare 1020 ERROR when I'm running my bot?

    Just a hint. Why go through CF at all? ;) Good luck mate
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    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Received an edu email address as a review copy. Tried to get a Jetbrains license as it was advertised on the thread & the review thread but couldn't. Also tried to send a gmail from my personal email to the address and it wasn't able to receive it (more than 12h since I've sent it so I'm pretty...