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  1. tiagocardoso

    How do you give seo off page reports to clients?

    Well, nowadays, I work for a marketing company, and it's very confused. I was used to doing the SEO and showing in the end with graphics and simple pdf's the increase I got. These guys pay well, and they're picky... I love it, it is like a challenge to me. The problem here is: they ask for...
  2. tiagocardoso

    Backlinks: Homepage or Articles/Products?

    As the title says, what do you prefer? Get links to homepage or to articles/products? Depending on what you vote for, justify your answer.
  3. tiagocardoso

    Ahrefs Report for FREE (Giveaway)

    Well, I paid for 7 day trial ahrefs, but I already finished my research. So, now I am giving away ahref reports... Post on this thread and PM me with what you want (backlink report, keyword) etc. I will send the report when I am available. Regards
  4. tiagocardoso

    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    A few days ago in Portugal, a viral wave started, which consists in inviting friends to TikTok and earning 80 € for each user who registers using your code. (some users earn like 100€) Some influencers have already made 3000 € in just 3 days. My question is - In your country, is this also...
  5. tiagocardoso

    PBN/Links for Job Board Site

    Hello, I'm looking for links for a Job Board Site/Finances. I don't have much time to search in the Marketplace, there are so many packs available... So, if you think your package suits for this niche, send me the link of your thread or a proposal. Thanks.
  6. tiagocardoso

    Client Wants to Promote UDEMY Course

    So, I make a close with a client, and she wants to promote her Udemy Course. I say to her it's a bad idea, but her just don't care and want to keep what she wants. Well, she wants to promote her course on Facebook and redirect the users to a Landing Page and then redirect for Udemy. I'm 99%...
  7. tiagocardoso

    URGENT - Help with Error

    Today I am going through a bizarre situation. Me and my editor were unable to enter my blog, we can only acess with VPN. Supposedly everyone gets in but we both received the follow error: “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. We’ve already cleared the DNS, hosts, cache… For a moment I thought it was...
  8. tiagocardoso

    Portuguese Backlinks

    Hello forum, I'm looking for someone who have portuguese blogs (Portugal, brazil it's fine tho...) with the following niches: Education, Finances, Insurance and Money. I want to buy backlinks in your posts. If you have or you can get portuguese backlinks easily, send me a pm. Regards
  9. tiagocardoso

    How much to charge for an ecommerce?

    Basically, an old lady asked me to make her an ecommerce for her luggage store. Basically I'll have to do everything from setting up VPS, domain, theme, adding products, etc... It's like +500 products. The problem is, I don't know how much to charge for this kind of work. Can someone with...
  10. tiagocardoso

    Amazon (USA) "Giveaway"

    I have 20$ on but i can't use it because i'm not from USA. If you live in USA comment bellow with any item you want (20$) and i will choose anyone randomly. Regards.
  11. tiagocardoso

    Website Error

    Hello, I'm handling a error on my site, i don't know why but for some people this error appears: (The image is from Google Images, but the error is the same) Someone knows why this happen? I have certificate (SSL) on my blog. If anyone can help me I aprecciate it. Regards.
  12. tiagocardoso

    Ranking Google

    Hello, I have one article on TOP2 at Google and i have a good question about that... To be honest the article is horrible... I don't know how the article is on TOP2! But i'm receiving 5k hits per day from Google (is not the best keyword, but...) and i want to change the whole article... I want...
  13. tiagocardoso

    Someone is using my Name and my Photos

    Today I discovered that someone is using my identity and my photos on Instagram. It's easy to ban the accounts with the support of Instagram but that person is creating accounts everyday... He/She uses my name and my photos. I don't know what to do, he's following people i know, my friends and...
  14. tiagocardoso

    I can't get guest posts

    Hello, I have a blog with 6 months in a niche with low competitors, like... my keywords are searched a lot but the articles of my competitors are totally trash and i have just a few competitors! I'm making good articles, super articles with SEO techniques i'm learning in this journey and i'm...
  15. tiagocardoso

    [REQ] Facebook Mass Group Poster

    Hello to all! I'm looking for a Facebook Mass Group Poster, i really need it... Someone have? Thanks to all!
  16. tiagocardoso

    Need help to my Adult Website

    I open at 2 days a new website. It's about videos of s-ex. The website is: ht tp: // x x x videoz . in fo Someone tell me suggestions to atract new people? Thx!