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  1. Saurfang

    Lok'tar Ogar! I have arrived!

    This takes me back! The soundtrack to this game was absolutely brilliant.
  2. Saurfang

    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    Very informative thread. However, I highly recommend a couple of things. 1> Learn the ins and outs of hardcoding your websites before expanding into WordPress (or whatever.) Really learning the ins and outs of development will help you build a far superior product, even if you're eventually...
  3. Saurfang

    Domain Reviews

    I was thinking it might be a very valuable thing for everybody if we got an opinions, grading, and reviews thread going for people's domains. Knowing which domains are stronger than others is something I believe we could all benefit from. Post a few of the domains you own that you wish to have...
  4. Saurfang

    Lok'tar Ogar! I have arrived!

    Salutations all. I have, obviously, just signed up for BHW. I'm excited to see what this fantastic community can teach me, as well as what I can contribute to it. I figured I would take this opportunity to post an introduction to myself, as well as a short description of what I am looking to...