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  1. SpawneR

    YouTube Rank Tracker, which one you using?

    I need some rank tracking software or SAAS or whatever, paid or free, don't care, but to MASS CHECK video rankings, changes etc? Which one is best for that?
  2. SpawneR

    Is USDT okay?

    I mean, that heart rate is not healthy, USDT on cocaine or what?
  3. SpawneR

    [Giveaway] Birthday giveaway

    Guys I just turned 22 and oh boy, feels like it was yesterday when I was 15 years old and joined this forum in order to escape poverty and become financially independent, well I did it and I am thankful for all of the knowledge I collected here, thankful for the amazing staff team, Damien for...
  4. SpawneR

    Hello BlackHatWorld from Maldives

    So I landed 2 days ago here, and fuck, this shit is outstanding guys, I will be sharing some more pictures on my way here in this thread in the upcoming days, tomorrow I go for a swim with whale sharks and dolphins. If anyone is near Mafuushi or any other island, lmk in PM, we can meet! :)...
  5. SpawneR

    Where to buy traffic for VPAID

    I just got into some project with mobile app, and we need to advertise it using VPAID. Any good networks that you used before with nice CPM?
  6. SpawneR

    YouTube Updated

    So I was chilling on my laptop, and when I went to Youtube I noticed this big change in the youtube search results design. Is it the same on PC? First time seeing this!
  7. SpawneR

    I need quick CSS/HTML help

    So I'm trying to add a new feature to my panel and I need your help guys! So right now I have only 1 field (div) centered, I want to move it to the left and add another div just right next to it, like on the picture below: How to do that?
  8. SpawneR

    VAST Tag - Help needed

    Guys I need someone who managed to create VAST Tag for a video from another platform, for example VIMEO video, so not uploading video, but from other platform. I need VAST TAG Url at the end, please anyone?
  9. SpawneR

    Bulk video editor

    Well guys I need your help if you know where to find something like this. I have around 90 videos that needs to have at least 4 versions each, like filter (coloring etc changed). Is there any software to do this in bulk?
  10. SpawneR

    Well good bye 2020! How was your year?

    Well, I decided to create this thread to talk about what I accomplished this year that I'm proud of & to see what others did, so we can sum up if this year was really a big fail or not? And prepare for an even better year! How was 2020? @BassTrackerBoats I was so fascinated by your Lake...
  11. SpawneR

    Need Android & Python Developer

    I need someone to create some code for me, I don't even know what exactly is needed from knowledge. PM me
  12. SpawneR

    [JV] My OnlyFans Models + your traffic

    I have models, all extremely good looking and I'm searching for someone to help and get us traffic and subscribers. Faces of girls won't be shown!
  13. SpawneR

    [AMA] TikTok Growth - Making Money - Going VIRAL

    If you're not entering the TikTok game, well guys you're missing tons of money in there, and we are just starting! :) I started TikTok earlier this year, had MASSIVE success on growing accounts on TikTok and reselling them, doing some CPA stuff etc... Now I stand here to answer on questions...
  14. SpawneR

    Those guys will now delete channel with 4.6M subscribers

    And it is live! Look at their about page I AM JUST AMAZED BY THE IDEA!
  15. SpawneR

    [TUTORIAL] How To Get USA Audience on TikTok

    So a lot of people came to me after my tutorial [METHOD] TikTok + CPA for 40$/day (FOR BEGINNERS) (that is being sold by many fake gurus around the Youtube, I see you bastards!) and asked me how the hell can I get Tier 1 audience if I'm not from there? So I decided to share a couple of tricks...
  16. SpawneR

    [Adwords] AD is approved but views stopped

    So I ran successful campaign and it delivered 50k views then stopped. Here are the things I tried and didn't work. Increased bid. No Luck Checked balance, all good. Increased budget, no luck. Added more keywords, no luck. Copied campaign (it got approved which means I am not banned), still no...
  17. SpawneR

    Need THAI voiceover

    Hello guys, I need someone to do Thai voiceover!
  18. SpawneR

    ✅Content from ANOTHER PLANET - 2$/100 words - NLO Content ✅

    F.A.Q What is the delivery time? Regular delivery time is 5-7 days upon ordering. It may take longer if we have more orders. Do you write all subjects? Yes, we do cover all subjects, just give us a task! Is your content 100% unique? Yes, all of our content is 100% unique and ready for...
  19. SpawneR

    What type of ad is this? ADWORDS Help Needed!

    So my questions are: - I know it's a text ad, but how to specify to only show it on Youtube? - Can I target only mobile users on my AdWords campaign? (noob question I know)
  20. SpawneR

    TikTok Ban is blocked by Judge Let it be like that for god's sake! :) We need to farm that social media platform more!