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  1. plottsch

    My CPA died and I want to sue him

    My old CPA died and I wish I could sue him for being a complete idiot. I just started doing my taxes with my new CPA and she tells me I have way overpaid the IRS last year in quarterly taxes. I was honestly paying my share on the taxable income I generated in each quarter. The goal was to keep...
  2. plottsch

    PayPal Tax Question

    Speaking from US experience: PayPal does report your earnings. However, if you spend that balance on business expenses, you can deduct that from your taxable income and pay nothing.
  3. plottsch

    interest rate half a percent? shove it up your ass

    Savings accounts aren't for saving! They're for emergencies, large upcoming expenses and preparing to invest in something real. Therefore, the rate is actually irrelevant. Part of the reason stocks, bitcoin and everything else performed so well in 2020 is that rock bottom interest rate...
  4. plottsch

    How Much Is Enough Data? (Google PageSpeed Insights)

    Right, that's a possibility. However, I don't see any reason why the two sites would have a radically different composition of browsers used.
  5. plottsch

    How Much Is Enough Data? (Google PageSpeed Insights)

    Maybe it's helpful if I add some background into why I care about this. I recently designed a website for a client and he thinks the speed data on Pagespeed, GTMetrix, Pingdom, etc are not real and too good to be true (see screenshot). To be honest, I think he might be right and I'd like to see...
  6. plottsch

    How Much Is Enough Data? (Google PageSpeed Insights)

    If you've used Google's PageSpeed Insights, you've probably seen: "The Chrome User Experience Report does not have sufficient real-world speed data for this page." I thought it would be a good resource to discuss here: How much is enough "real-world speed data"? What's the highest traffic...
  7. plottsch

    How much in the bank is enough to retire in your country ?

    Well, you can retire on $0 if you're willing to work during retirement!
  8. plottsch

    Want to help my Stepdad Succeed : Construction Company Marketing Tactics?

    This is a good point about partnerships. But my guess is that your uncle had a BBB or some other source that proved he was trustworthy. From what I understand, OP is starting from scratch. This means a website, GMB etc is extremely important for building trust. You are right though, word of...
  9. plottsch

    Want to help my Stepdad Succeed : Construction Company Marketing Tactics?

    I inherited a company in this niche and then created an agency which specializes in marketing for remodeling/roofing/construction. However, my agency is for more established firms...I would avoid all agencies at this stage. If you are in it for the long run, here are my recommendations for what...
  10. plottsch

    i received a scam email from Microsoft

    If you click on the click, they will be able to associate your email with your IP address and sell the data or use it for malicious purposes
  11. plottsch

    AMA about PBNs (setup, footprints, things to avoid, et al.)

    Not sure if has been asked before, but do you ever wonder if blocking ahrefs might be used to flag PBNs by Google?
  12. plottsch

    Sharing my experience with Tiktok (made X,XXX$ pretty fast)

    How much effort (i.e. hrs) does it take before you can sell. Is it something you can outsource or does it require creative thought?
  13. plottsch

    Dont work with NameCheap

    If you are really not getting any response from support, I would find employees on LinkedIn (like middle management...head of support if they have one) and tell them about your issue. Sometimes that works.
  14. plottsch

    Determining Valuation For a Blog? (full site, not just backlink)

    Yeah I think that's a good idea. About half of his 20k traffic is from some random other niche that I probably won't be able to monetize
  15. plottsch

    Determining Valuation For a Blog? (full site, not just backlink)

    Many of you have probably thought about buying entire blogs instead of links. I wanted to start a discussion on blog valuation and get some advice. There's a blog that publishes top 10 lists (no it's not my blog). Here are the stats: 20k monthly search traffic est (ubersuggest) Ahrefs 32 DR...
  16. plottsch

    How much would you pay for Chamber of Commerce Links

    It seems like an easy white hat method of buying links (and maybe a small amount of traffic) for local businesses is via chamber of commerce. I recommended a client of mine to register in their home city (the first one). They asked me about other cities and I said I'd do more research. So, how...
  17. plottsch

    I think incels are correct

    Let me put this in a way you can understand Good looks = high traffic Personality / social skills = high conversion rate Money/Status = improves everything I am 5'10 and slightly below average looking. A random 6'4 dude may get vastly more casual sex, dates and attention...but in the long term...
  18. plottsch

    I think incels are correct

    What is wrong with using money to attract women (or men)? Your money is also a sign of quality genetics. "Beta bux" = "A male who becomes desired by females once they have declined in looks or want to settle down." What is wrong with that? The "beta bux" will still reproduce and have quality...