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  1. Scorpion Ghost

    [HAF] Make Firefox extensions work with Palemoon

    I use Firefox version 55.0.2 with a number of extensions. I'm switching to Palemoon version I have a handful of extensions that I can't add to Palemoon. The error I get is that webextensions are not supported. My understanding is that Palemoon uses a system for extensions that's less...
  2. Scorpion Ghost

    Any browser cookie experts?

    I have the weirdest situation. I use a Firefox extension that changes the user agent on a browser and makes it mobile, and this way Youtube videos play in mobile format. Both on the Youtube website and on embedded Youtube videos this happens. Since a few days ago it stopped working on embedded...
  3. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    So I had some issues logging in Twitch on an older version of Firefox, and in my research I stumbled on Palemoon and decided to install it because it supports a key Firefox extension that I need. The Palemoon version I installed is 1 year old. The Firefox version I use is 4 years old. Well so I...
  4. Scorpion Ghost

    Cant login to twitch - old version browser

    Im unable to login to twitch on an old version of Firefox. Version 55. What happens is i try to login, i get to the page where they want the code you receive in your email, and when i input the code Twitch just reloads a few times and im back where i started, not logged in. While the page is...
  5. Scorpion Ghost

    Tips for being successful on Tik Tok?

    A friend asked me if I have any tips on being successful on Tik Tok, and I don't really have anything. Post a lot? Include hashtags on your posts? Follow people many will follow you back? Comment on posts of Tik Tokers in your niche and many will return the favor by liking your stuff and...
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    How do you feel about Peter Schiff?

    I like him cuz he's intelligent and he keeps it real. I hate him cuz he shits on crypto like there's no tomorrow. What about youse guys?
  7. Scorpion Ghost

    Use my home IP while away (Hamachi alternative)?

    I need to be able to use my home internet/IP address while away from home. I have a computer at home and a computer with me. I need to use my home internet/IP address on the computer I have with me, through a browser such as Firefox. I was using Hamachi and Privoxy, but it stopped working...
  8. Scorpion Ghost

    Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire

    @xReminisce bro this you? bro you god lol :D
  9. Scorpion Ghost

    How to make a crypto laptop? | People suck

    So about 3 weeks ago a friend calls me and says a lightening bolt or whatever hit her building, burned her laptop bla bla bla, asks if I have a laptop to loan her for a week max. Incidentally I just happened to have a laptop I could free up. And she's not hot, so it's not like rescuing a damsel...
  10. Scorpion Ghost

    Fixing my last computer

    So I've made lots of computer threads lately, but we're at the end. I have one more computer to fix and then I'll clean them all and put them where they need to be and not fuck with them again for 1,000 years. To recap, I fixed my 2 oldest computers both are running the ram at 3200MHz now...
  11. Scorpion Ghost

    Firefox extension - click only if 2 attributes are true

    I have a Firefox extension that clicks a certain button, and it works well. This code does the clicking: function xxBtn(){ var btn = document.querySelector('') if( !btn ){ return } } My problem is that the extension clicks every 5 seconds, and I want it to...
  12. Scorpion Ghost

    Someone wants to be my friend :)

    I tried guys, but I think I'm incapable to make friends. I was honest and on my best behavior :(
  13. Scorpion Ghost

    How to patch these holes in bathroom tiles?

    So I have this problem. Looking for a way to patch these holes without changing the entire tiles: The only thing that comes to my mind is to put a sticker over the problem in the first photo, and to change the wall socket to a larger one in photo two. Still, I'd rather get some sort of...
  14. Scorpion Ghost

    How to hang mirror on wall?

    So i got a little mirror to put in my hallway. The mirror is 56x56cm, only weighs 3kg. It has 2 hooks, one on each side. I wanna put it on the wall. The wall is... well, its a wall. There's red bricks inside and theyre painted over :D So, my first idea is to get hooks that have that glue-like...
  15. Scorpion Ghost

    Payoneer charging $3 for disbursements by 2Checkout starting October 31, 2021

    If I'm understanding this correctly, Payoneer will start charging $3 every time you receive a payment from 2checkout, starting October 31, 2021. We’re writing to let you know that there are some fee adjustments coming into effect soon on 2Checkout disbursements. In 2018...
  16. Scorpion Ghost

    Came into contact with covid

    So I just sit in my room and I work and I don't bother nobody. But I went to pick up some money a few days ago and I came into contact with 2 people. One I just shaked their hand, the other I hugged and kissed. Now I find out both of them have covid. So, I'm sitting here with my unvaccinated...
  17. Scorpion Ghost

    Bought 3 coffee cups today - This one's for social media

    So I've been super busy making money and putting my life in order for the past... 8 years. But out of that I was pretty much 99% in accumulation phase for 7,5 years. Only in the past few months I felt like I've accumulated enough to put as much toothpaste as I could back in the tube. So anyway...
  18. Scorpion Ghost

    Can BAT file pick this or that?

    So say you run a BAT file to open a program. This: @ECHO OFF Timeout /T 15 start C:\"Some folder"\"Other folder"\SomeProgram.exe Can a BAT file be made to choose either this or that? For example: @ECHO OFF Timeout /T 15 start C:\"Some folder"\"Other folder"\SomeProgram.exe OR C:\"Some...
  19. Scorpion Ghost

    Zverev vs Rublev tennis

    Who do you think is gonna win? I know I should say Zverev, but I'm so tempted to put a bet on Rublev to kick his punk ass :D I haven't gambled in like 10 years, so I won't be putting a bet. But Rublev is not the favorite so I would imagine the odds are pretty good. What do you guys think...
  20. Scorpion Ghost

    What do you think about Litecoin?

    So i think there are many positives about Litecoin. - Fast and cheap transactions, low fees - One of the oldest cryptos, name recognition - Accepted by most merchants - Active team behind it and decent community On the flipside, i keep seeing it drop in rank compared to other coins, its at...