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    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    PM sent.
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    Why can't people be normal in 2021?

    The playbook is still the same and it will always be, "build a following."
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    [BETA] Wayback Machine Downloader

    At the rate I’m going it’ll be 10 years!
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    [BETA] Wayback Machine Downloader

    Go here: or here.
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    [BETA] Wayback Machine Downloader

    Version 0.10.0 has been released (yes, I messed up the version numbers). The download links in the original post have been updated so they will always point to the latest version whenever there's an update. When you "Check for Updates" within the app it will take you to the same download page...
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    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    Sure, check your PM.
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    What is the best self hosting email marketing software/script/cms ?

    Have a look at MailWizz or Acelle Mail. Acelle has a nicer UI while MailWizz has more features. Sendy is also good if you use SES.
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    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    Hi, please check your PM.
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    I need a wordpress website with membership subscribtion

    I can setup a site for you with all the plugins you need to sell your books just like the one you posted. Anything theme related would be extra.
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    What are these overloaded sales threads about

    Here are some sales thread ideas… Gone in 60 seconds: backlinks that last only a minute. Grumpy Old Men: Porntube views. Money Heist: A social panel that steals your money. Inception: Only in the dreams of your dreams of your dreams will you rank with this SEO
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    Pfizer is holding governments to ransom

    Exactly what this guy said. It’s easier to complain about something than exactly do something about it. If you can’t blast it over social media and get it canceled then nothing else can be done…
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    This looks great! Can you tell me how your accounts are any different than the 14 day free trial we can already get through Semrush guru plans via their partner program?
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    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    Check your PMs.
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    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    Check your PM.
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    [SECURITY BREACH] WordPress plugins - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

    …and people are worried about nulled plugins. Just made sure I had the latest!
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    Anyone can start career in programming?

    Learning how to program is becoming a commodity these days. The real value in this field is not knowing how to program in a language but how to problem solve and develop. I will take a competent engineer over a developer any day. Pick a language and run with it but focus on creating something...
  17. cnick79

    wich is the best scripting langage to build a bot?

    Choose whatever language you know best because otherwise you will need to learn the language while learning to bot which could slow you down and frustrate you. I would prefer Java over C# because Java can run anywhere while C# can only run on windows. C# is very similar to Java. Microsoft used...
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    Pfizer will probably give a 3rd dose of the vaccine

    Unfortunately, until herd immunity is reached this is the way.
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    New COVID variant C.1.2 MAY be more infectious and evade vaccine protection

    Imagine that… just ask Siri or Alexa. Even if there was a way nobody would believe it. “several virologist”, that’s kind of the overall problem today, there will always be somebody to refute what several others have to say. Who should people end up believing when there’s never 100% agreement...
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    New COVID variant C.1.2 MAY be more infectious and evade vaccine protection

    Yea it’s quite the dilemma, risk dying from the vaccine or risk dying from COVID.