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  1. akash0001

    Problem with Google Webmaster indexing

    Recently changed hosting and added SSL. 2 out 7 has been indexed but other are appearing in "Submitted URL not selected as canonical". It's been 2 weeks almost but not indexed yet even updated content. What should i do?
  2. akash0001

    Effect on Ranking after adding SSL

    Having issue in sitemap. one page indexed out of 14 after four days. I was doing work on without SSL website. Will it effect on my ranking?
  3. akash0001

    what is the right format for Backlinks XML file

    I am creating XML file for all my backlinks (you guys know what i will do with that) but don't know what is the right format. If anyone here who can help me to create such file and in the whole process. It would be so much appreciated. Thank you!