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    How would you monetize such a group?

    I have a Facebook group where members advertise job vacancies. It has a little more than 15k members and grows by about 100 new members per day. I haven't been able to figure out how to monetize this group, so, I figured I'd ask the community here for advice.
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    Robin's Guest Post Outreach Sucks!

  3. Android Tipster

    Adsense: Invalid Traffic

    I'm struggling to stop invalid traffic that comes to my website at a specific time every day. It's happened so frequently that this is the 2nd time Adsense has limited my ads. I have no clue who's sending it. Probably a competitor. any chance I could make it stop?
  4. Android Tipster

    Question about Instagram and/or TikTok

    I have a website in the social media growth and marketing niche that receives about 1600 page views from search engines per day. I'm looking for a service for Instagram or TikTok that converts well to promote as an affiliate. I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right...
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    How many members does a SubReddit require [Backlink on sidebar]

    ... in order to be able to put an external link on the sidebar? I have a subreddit with about 170 members but I'm still unable to put links on the sidebar. Is there any way around it?
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    Google Serps new option to open results in new tab

    Wondering if this new option is good for SEOs.
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    Articles on my website aren't updated in other countries

    I have this issue with one website of mine whereby I would post new articles or even update old ones but even after waiting hours, when I check the website from other countries (VPN), incognito, the website hasn't updated and the new articles haven't appeared yet. I've cleared cache both on the...
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    Is Pinterest still viable for the adult niche?

    I'm just getting started with this niche for the first time and I intend to use Pinterest to drive traffic. So, I did a simple keyword search and this is what I saw: Wondering could share some ideas for avoiding bans while still being able to pull traffic from the platform. AT
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    What analytics plugin for WP is everyone using now?

    Wondering what everyone else is using after exactmetrics made theirs a bit too expensive especially for new sites that don't make anything significant to warrant a purchase. Are you able to see daily starts? What about real-time stats?
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    Looking for content writer

    I'm looking for someone to write content for my website. Preferably someone who's very familiar with writing topics about social media. This is intended to be long-term and I would require 5 articles/week. If you fit the bill, pls shoot me a message and we'll take it up from there.
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    Curious why this guy got banned (King Joker)

    He posted this journey ... and also posted about looking for partners to JV with, to which I showed interest in. He later PMed me but before I could respond, I noticed he had just received the hammer.
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    Low CTR?

    This is from one of my sites. I just wanted to ask if this is normal.
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    Backlink created on Amazon not indexed (almost 10 months)

    So I created a backlink to my site on and 10 months down the line, it hasn't indexed yet. I tried posting it on a subreddit I created and even sent a handful of retweets after sharing it on Twitter, still, nothing. Looking for guidance on what else I should do to get it indexed.
  14. Android Tipster

    Content/Article Writer - PC Gaming Niche

    Looking for an experienced writer in the PC Gaming niche. Someone that can deliver around 8 articles/month or more, 2000 words. If you can do that pls let me know so we can discuss the rates.
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    What footprints should I watch for when creating Web 2.0s

    I guess my question should be if it's safe to create multiple (different platform) web 2.0s on the same IP?
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    Do tags affect your rankings negatively?

    I've been meaning to ask this question because I tend to use lots of tags in my articles but I always wonder if by doing so I'm creating duplicate content on my site. And if they do, would removing tags from all my articles (250+) help improve rankings? Thanks
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    Facebook is clamping down on posts that 'shamelessly' beg for your engagement

    Yup, Suckerberg ain't having none of that no more
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    Risks of giving away backlinks to gambling sites.

    Would it negatively affect my site's SEO if I linked to a gambling site?
  19. Android Tipster gift card to $$$

    Not sure this is allowed in the lounge, if not pls have it deleted. Wanted to ask if there are legit platforms where one can exchange Amazon codes for cash. Customs charges too high to ship products from to EU (where I live) so it only makes sense to sell it (for less) to someone...
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    Looking to buy Adsense account.

    Just looking to buy an Adsense account. Will appreciate any leads.