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    Question about Black Hat World

    Hello everyone, I´m barely new here in BHW and my question is, after I did my 100 comments and have been registered for over 60th days, what else do I have to do to begin promoting my work here in BHW?
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    Is it better to promote my facebook page or my group?

    both are important, however if your are going to start with one thing, it would work better if you push does ads in your group first
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    Is there a program to block bot followers?

    The platform mostly does it, however it is such a big problem for most of the people because it is a follower or like that sums up the account total. Also, adds on the final number, that´s the reason why till now I don’t know about any bot that does it. However, I´ll search for more information...
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    Do like blocks increase chances of being banned?

    Of course, this is a problem that a lot of us are having. The platform looks for people who want to invest in order to grow and generate more interaction; any action moderately massive is an alert for them. So, that is the reason why they restrict and block accounts. What it is best is to go one...
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    Facebook wont accept payment methods...

    It happened something similar to us. And when they do such a blocking, they go through a process to remove it that basically is not worth waiting. What I recommend you is to create a new payment account and replace it.
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    guys please help for fb

    For now that option is only available for some accounts selected by FB. However, it is expected that later the option will be sale as a strategy to promote business.
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    im was follow blocked on all my accounts

    In that manner, the platform already has you in a risk status. The best you could do is waiting a few days and try again. But, remember they look for a budget in order to grow your account, if not you will be penalized and they will make your work harder.
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    against community guidelines

    Facebook rules change so quickly and those rules always favour them. So any action that generates a good answer they classify that as something inappropriate in their next update. Therefore, you most reinvent yourself and create new strategies to keep the organic growth.
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    are there any risk to merge two facebook page

    If that is going to generate a huge growth from one of the accounts, Facebook will most likely block your account. The platforms business is to generate a budget, not to do it organically. So any merging should be done gradually, that is what goes along with our considerations.
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    Need Help | Facebook Viral Video Share

    In addition to using ads i could recommend you to do bechmarketing and look up the hashtag from the people who have similar content and have become viral. But, creating interesting content regularly to make your community grow is the most important aspect of it, because in that way you can...
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    I Cant create another Facebook page, why?

    If all the Facebook pages are associated to you or your email you should change users, names, etc. because Facebook is already seeing an irregular behavior so it limits you accounts.
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    How to grow a personal FB accont ?

    You must create attractive to content that get peoples´ attention. Use videos, images and also adding some humor or inspirational content could help as well
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    Browser Fingerprint [GOOD TIP]

    Great tip! thank youu :)
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    Don't make this mistake...

    thanks for the info! so true
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    Is it possible to add a large list of fb friends?

    Facebook algorithms hardly allows it, however, it might exists one. But it´s Facebook´s platform and their associates that throughout smart and artificial methods connects people via recommendations. Cases like LinkedIN that gets associated with the email accounts to track contacts are similar...
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    Tools that will alert you to keywords posted in your joined FB groups?

    Don´t actually know about any tool that makes it so specific. However, to this point it there might be a tool that makes it possible. Would like to know more about this!
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    Cheap fb ads 0.01 .0.03 Health niche?

    It is impossible to get something for that price!
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    Instant articles

    Basic speech from people who want to hack your account. Be careful!!