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  1. sanjananb

    Should I sell my website for $500k or not?

    Hello everyone, My website got ranked in Google 1st page for last 3-4 months and doing $4000-$5000 per day in sales with over 70% profit margins every day. Recently one of the top competitors in my niche wanted to buy my website for $500k. They have been doing this business for a few years and...
  2. sanjananb

    Should i invest on this non-niche relevant domain or not?

    Hello everyone, Recently I found a $$$$ worth domain name with very powerful backlink profile, but unfortuantly this domain is not in my niche. Its Entertainment > Video niche I have a plan to convert this domain into a Social media marketing service website. And this domain cost $3500 Would...
  3. sanjananb

    What is this negative SEO tactic?

    I noticed following spammy domain backlinks under my Google search console But this domain is not indexed in Google at all How do they do this? Does google count backlinks which are not indexed in google search at all?
  4. sanjananb

    What is the best website to search and buy high DA/DR auction domains?

    Hello What is the best paid website to search and buy auction domain names using DA/PA/TF filters? I am currently using and but in past I saw some exclusive websites for this purpose but forgot the names
  5. sanjananb

    I will pay $1000 for a single niche edit on

    Is there anyone who can do a single niche edit on old article? I will pay $1000 just to add my website link to an old article. No need to write new content
  6. sanjananb

    Need 22 niche edits from Premium Sites on my list

    Hello I am looking for a writer, blogger who can get me niche edits from following list of websites. I will provide the exact article link to suitable candidate
  7. sanjananb

    How do i take my website to google 1st page from 48th position?

    Hello everyone I have a website ranked really well for most of long tail keywords. Most of them are in google 1st position Site title - buy xxx xxx | cheap for $1 My main keyword - buy xxx xxx Long tail keywords i am ranking 1st page most of them includes "Cheap" keyword As you can see my...
  8. sanjananb

    What are my best moves to get into Google top 5 results?

    Hello everyone, I bought a 10+ years old auction domain 2 months ago, and started builing a money site on a super high competitive niche on last month. And i built 100s of quality PBNs, Guest Posts, Infographics, PDF, 301 redirects and all kinds of backlinks, and i have spent so much money...
  9. sanjananb

    Looking for a Youtube CPA video maker

    Hi I am looking for someone to make a new CPA promotion video like this example - Let me know if you can make a video similar to this style with voice etc
  10. sanjananb

    Question about 301 redirects

    I have registered 20 expired domains related to my main website niche with good metrics. Now i am planning to redirect all these domains to my main website using .htaccess 301 redirects Should i host these expired domains under different hosts, IPs or is it ok if i keep all these expired...
  11. sanjananb

    [ Looking for some advice] Google first page ranking issue

    My website is ranked in google 1st place for following keyword due to the fact my website meta title is the same as that long tail keyword Keyword in google 1st - buy super cheap xxx xxx The main keyword i want to rank is following Buy cheap xxxxx What's the best way to achieve this? If i...
  12. sanjananb

    What do you think about selling tiktok followers, likes business model?

    For the last few years and still, selling Instagram followers, likes, views is a highly profitable business and there are so many people still wants to buy IG services , Do you believe that the same amount of demand for Tiktok services will happen in near future? I have 2 SMM panels, and...
  13. sanjananb

    How are the SMM panels manage thousands of IG accounts?

    While every Instagram bot in the market is going down with Instagram's crackdowns, how are the SMM panels still be able to manage 1000s of accounts without any issues? literary, how do they send 1000s of likes, views in a matter of few minutes?
  14. sanjananb

    How much are you willing to lose when running a facebook ad

    How much money are you willing to lose when you start running a Facebook ad for a new country or niche? Do you expect to see sales as soon as your ad started running? or how much money do you usually spend on Facebook ads before getting a good ROI, or break even
  15. sanjananb

    How long did you work on your link building startagy to see some solid results?

    Hello everyone How long do you work on your link building strategies to see some solid rankings once you've started a new website ? Mine over the past few years, I make websites, and do link building in first 1-2 months. and let the google do its job after that. But it didn't give the results...
  16. sanjananb

    [Question] 880 old back links suddenly disappeared from google console

    Hi everyone Last month I bought a premium domain from an auction, right after I bought the domain, I added it into google webmaster tools It showed me site traffic, and 893 backlinks. So until today, all those backlink count was there. And when I checked the console today, it shows only 13...
  17. sanjananb

    GSA Blast for guest posts? Should i do it?

    Is it a good idea to do a GSA blast to guest posts which have links to my money site?
  18. sanjananb

    Help Needed! Buying my first premium high DA domain name

    Hi everyone I am planning to start a SMM marketing business for Instagram, Tiktok services, and recently i managed to make a deal to buy high quality domain name with following data But I am little skeptical about the niche of this domain. Previous owner of this domain had a RSS reader and...
  19. sanjananb

    What happens after Google Pure spam manual review?

    Hi I recently bought an expired domain with high DA, and good backlinks ratio. Built a new simple website in that. But once i added it into google search console, i saw following manual review request for the old website which was hosted under this domain Pure spam  Description Pages on...
  20. sanjananb

    What are the chances of getting PBN de-indexed?

    What are the chances of getting PBN de-indexed by google even after hide all the foot prints into your PBN and done everything right? How many of you have experienced of PBN de-indexation by google?