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    Anybody playing PUBG on VPS using Emulator?

    It's been very long i didn't played any windows or android games. Planning to play PUBG on VPS this weekend using emulator like bluestacks or nox, My laptop configuration sucks, so i want to buy good VPS(Which is best to play PUBG). If anybody already playing using vps please share your review.
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    Any Anti virus suggestions?

    I am planning to buy Bitdefender anti virus(or Bitdefender Total security), it will be very helpful if you guys share your experience with the anti virus softwares you are currently using or you have used before. Your valuable suggestions will help me choose a good anti virus software.
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    [Suggestions please] Godaddy expensive renewal fee.

    I have a .store extension domain with godaddy which will be expired in 15 days, i bought the domain for very cheap for 1 year now renewal charges is too high(approx 4000INR) Is it possible to transfer domain to some other registrar and renew for less fee. If it is possible which registrar you...
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    Which VPS provider allow torrent uploading?

    Hi guys, I am using profitserver russian VPS from long time but never tried uploading torrent through VPS. I would like to know profitserver allow torrent uploading or not and if no then please suggest me a VPS provider who allow torrent upload.
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    [HELP] Maxbounty rejected my application.

    Hi friends , recently applied for maxbounty and today received the following email. Thank you for your interest in becoming a MaxBounty affiliate, but at this time we are not able to accept your application. We'd strongly suggest that you gain more knowledge and experience in affiliate...
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    [Journey]Cryptocurrency Trading starting from $1000

    Hi all, Four months back i started here : And ended soon here : And now : I decided to trade BTC with some forex...
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    How much this domain name worth?

    Hi all, I am planning to sell the domain name How much i can expect for this
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    Somebody just hacked my Poloniex account.

    Hi all, Few minutes ago i received a email from poloniex stating to change my password follow the link, i didn't clicked the link next minute next email password changed successfully arrived. I immediately logged into poloniex and my password was already changed then i tried to reset...
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    [Journey] Cryptocurrency Trading starting from $100

    Hi Friends, As you all know Cryptocurrency Trading is trending now a days, i am working as a full time financial trader from past 8 years so i thought of taking my chances in Bitcoin trading. I bought 0.03510100 - $100 worth(Exchange rate in Zebpay sucks) of Bitcoin, Transferred BTC to...
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    Need godaddy coupon

    Hi all, Looking to register few domains , If anybody have any coupons for domain please share here.
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    Should i/ Can i {cryptocurrency}

    {100% No affiliate or Selling} Hi all, I am trading FX, ETF, Stocks from past 8 years. Now planning to trade ETH/BTC as i saw it is fluctuating purely based on Technical. I was thinking should i make a thread and post my trades here in BHW. If it is ok with BHW mods and if people are...
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    What will be the price of YTMONSTER account.

    Hi all, I want to know approximate price of YTMONSTER account with 75K points. Thanks in advance.
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    Which Image upload site is paying?

    At first, If i am posting this in wrong section then Mod please forgive me and move the thread. I want to know which image upload site is paying regularly. Please leave your suggestion / experience with Image uploading sites. Thanks in advance...
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    [HELP] Need cheap windows VPS.

    Hi Friends, Looking for cheap windows VPS to run TE sites. Please suggest me the best.. Thank you...
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    [HELP] Need youlikehits Imacros

    Hi friends, Looking for youlikehits working imacros. Please upload here if someone got this... Regards....
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    Noob Questions on Youtube.

    Hi, I am new to youtube , i started a channel today and uploading videos, please help me with following question... 1. Which traffic exchange site to use (My videos are not that good and i am sure i may get only few legit views and sub) 2. How many videos to upload everyday(My all videos are...
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    [HELP NEEDED] Twitter Followers

    Dear Friends, I have created a new Twitter account and i have youlikehit points to get followers but my PROBLEM is youlikehit need minimum 10 followers to get started. Please help me by providing atleast 10 followers. Thanks a lot in advance. My Twitter ID : @Bca71Subbu