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  1. MonteCarlos

    Where This World is Going? Dr.FarFar is Dead...

    I used this website to grab some cracked SEO Tools...that I used through VPS off course... Now where can I get such tools for free? Lol, I feel really sad...:(
  2. MonteCarlos

    [GET] [100% Discount] Sociazer - social media analyzing tool

    If Interested better to Hurry up, the discount ends in 2 days! Original price 49$ Sales page: Get it here:
  3. MonteCarlos

    At Last! A Payment Processor that is focused in the "satisfaction" of their clients... Any Thoughts?
  4. MonteCarlos

    Who is buying all those extremely over-priced Courses?

    Recently, I have come across some insanely expensive courses worth some thousands bucks... Example: And the question is, who the hell is buying all these stuff? Because, if no one was buying, it wouldn't be online, right? And it wouldn't had a waiting list for...
  5. MonteCarlos

    Where the heck they found so many monkeys?

    Authorities discovered a warehouse with 50 Tones of fakes here in Greece... And the question is, where the hell they got all these stuff from? Is there an online resource for fakes that I have missed, or they are just going to China to close such huge deals? Probably there are 50k items in...
  6. MonteCarlos

    Anyone wants to live and work in the United States?

    Here is the link, but you'll have to be quick...days are passing fast! Maybe someone is interested, lol...
  7. MonteCarlos

    Can a "News" Website be approved on Amazon Affiliate Program?

    Hey guys, does anyone know the answer? I'm planning on entering the fresh news niche, as well as to get a brand new Amazon account (stealth), and though that maybe I could combine these two? Create the News Site, aged it for a couple of months, then apply at Amazon.
  8. MonteCarlos

    Is Anyone Still Using Ali Plugin?

    Damn, I just discovered a copy of Ali Plugin in one of my old hard drives, that I had forgot about! So is anyone still using this script? Does it have any value at all? Their website looks almost abandoned and their affiliation with Clickbank as well...though you can still buy it...
  9. MonteCarlos

    Is a good Payment Processor for "Underground" Sales?

    Hi you Guys. I have a simple question. I have some "underground" stuff which I need to sell. Is a good option for these kind of stuff? What is your experience with them? Any Alternatives? By saying "underground", yes I mean not completely legal, if not totally illegal... Hope this...
  10. MonteCarlos

    DAMN, It's Getting Bigger and Bigger all the time. It has become Really HUGE!

    To clarify things, I'm talking about my Bookmarks list. As time goes by and I add new entries all the time, this list has become really huge! :) How do you guys handle this kind of stuff? I'm thinking of exporting in html and uploading at my site. Then check them out with a tool like XENU, for...
  11. MonteCarlos

    W.T.F is this? Native Spanish Speaker Wanted for Translation!

    Anyone to translate this one? One of the funniest videos I've ever watched!
  12. MonteCarlos

    SamCart Pro for 60 Days Free

    Maybe useful for someone...a Shopify alternative. Have your credit card ready or visit: Thats it, hope it works, lol...
  13. MonteCarlos

    How to Register at

    Hello fellas, I'm having a hard time to register at Qiwi. They are not sending not even the confirmation SMS! See Screenshots below: Anyone has a clue what is going on?
  14. MonteCarlos

    [WTB] Cloud Google Accounts

    Hey, can someone provide accounts for ? Must be fully activated with a vcc and phone, ready to use, either USA based or UK. I will deal with members with 100+ posts only. Also a test first account has to be provided, at a symbolic price, just to establish our relation! Payment...
  15. MonteCarlos

    Bulk GMAIL Creator?

    Anyone knows some good and working gmail bulk account creators? I'm gonna post the first one... You can get it here after you submit your email (activation key required): Make sure to watch these tutorials:
  16. MonteCarlos

    Anyone still using GScraper?

    I remember a few years ago i had bought GScraper, then i almost forgot about it! Until today i saw this on my email: GScraper Chinese New Year Promotion Only 4 days, Simple and Directly Hello, many people sent email to ask the...
  17. MonteCarlos

    Need someone from Estonia (18-Year Old and above)

    Hey Guys, anyone from Estonia around? I need someone above 18 years old as some Banking work is involved. PM me for details and to examine if we can work together. Super easy job, can be done even with a laptop from vacations, once it has been setup. Thanks.