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  1. BusinessSmack

    My Journey | Creating A Course

    Background I've been trading since 2011 and now make a decent portion of my income off of it. Summer last year I launched a YT channel to 1. grow a network (trading can get a bit hermity), 2. ideally - help other people get into the market after getting overwhelmed with friend questions, and 3...
  2. BusinessSmack

    Need Real Drip-Fed FB Page Likes

    Hey Blackhatrs, As the title states, I'm looking for some real FB likes, and most the sites I've found are a bit too extreme (1k+ likes in under 24 hours). Something like 25-75 likes per day would be much more fitting. I'm also looking for a legit service with real likes. As a side note, I...
  3. BusinessSmack

    Enzlo ★★★ CPA Affiliate Network ★★★ MEGA HIGH & Weekly Payouts!

    APPLY HERE If you have any questions about payouts contact me (Alex) Questions about offers or application approvals contact Heiko ***contact emails in the thread above***
  4. BusinessSmack

    I hope there's enough room for my future space house

    Cool site my friend just sent me:
  5. BusinessSmack

    Pure madness to get the blood flowing.

    Have a productive Wednesday everyone! Here's a video to get you siked (not a motivational quotes video)
  6. BusinessSmack

    Fun PR read (not my site/article)

    It's old but still one of my favorite quick PR reads:
  7. BusinessSmack

    Most badass video you come across lately?

    I just stumbled upon this one, super dope. What are some of your favorites?
  8. BusinessSmack

    Quik reading with your morning coffee

    Attacks on big infrastructures like DYN look like are getting more frequent and powerful. They are nervous people will attack online polls during the elections as well. The article title is a bit off. It's more like: Old methods but with more intensity. Overall good read.
  9. BusinessSmack

    SMTP and Email Software owner looking for partners

    Hey BHers, 7 years ago I started brewing my own beer and made a site to document everything. After it started getting a lot of natural traffic and my email / phone started blowing up with questions I decided to start monetizing the site a bit. From there I got into other niche sites and even...
  10. BusinessSmack

    Looking for an AM

    Our network is looking for someone who has a teachable traffic method. To profit you can become an Affiliate Manager of new affiliates eager to learn your method. Ideally you would have your own traffic method you could help others with (This could be a software solution). If you do not have a...
  11. BusinessSmack

    Looking for Traffic Mentor

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 01/15/2016 ---- Thread Moved:
  12. BusinessSmack

    Looking for designer who can do cartoon characters

    PM me and I'll show u examples of what we need done. Think GTA
  13. BusinessSmack

    Content Locker Developer Needed

    I am looking for someone or a team who has experience within the affiliate marketing content locker space. A few projects in the pipline we need developer and design help with. PM me with your credentials!
  14. BusinessSmack

    Need Ad Banner Designer

    Hey looking for a few banners to be made in different sizes for BHW and WF. PM me if your interested!
  15. BusinessSmack

    Looking for someone to promote a coffee site

    Got a coffee subscription site, if anyone has traffic for the niche let me know. We have already set it up as CPA offer on an affiliate network. PM me if you'd be interested!
  16. BusinessSmack

    Looking for someone with a big network of email marketers

    I'm a network owner and we have a mass email software as one of our offers. If anyone has a large network of email marketers would be great to work out a partnership. This is a mass email marketing software we will be working with. We can offer referral payments, cross promotions, traffic...
  17. BusinessSmack

    CNET SaaS Experience & Upcoming Case Study

    In this thread I want to learn more about how CNET / can help me grow my Service as a Software (SaaS) business, in increasing users and downloads. Ultimately what I want to do is make a Case Study out of this for everything I learn. Here's what I'm looking to learn: 1. Best way...
  18. BusinessSmack

    ViceOffers | Exclusive Affiliate Network |Dating, iFrames, Health, BizzOpp, Loan, Trial

    Hey Fellow BlackHatters, After being Affiliates for over 5 years, my brother and I have recently launched our own Affiliate Network to better meet our needs and those of the affiliates who promote our products. This all happened during a recent business trip with a friend / business partner in...
  19. BusinessSmack

    Video Guide | How I Make a Killing with Emailing

    If anyone here is familiar with using email autoresponders to push dating offers or other CPA offers then hopefully u'll learn some ways to improve your system with this video. Otherwise if you've never ventured into this side of the internet fasten your seatbelts because for the past 5 years...
  20. BusinessSmack

    Ask Any Mass Emailing Questions

    I have been email marketing for over 5 years now and always like making connections for possible JV's. If anyone needs help setting up their Mass Email Autoresponders. I have lots of experience with BHAR, TEAR, and Interspire. I mainly push dating offers but have expanded into other niches...