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  1. tiagocardoso

    How do you give seo off page reports to clients?

    Well, nowadays, I work for a marketing company, and it's very confused. I was used to doing the SEO and showing in the end with graphics and simple pdf's the increase I got. These guys pay well, and they're picky... I love it, it is like a challenge to me. The problem here is: they ask for...
  2. tiagocardoso

    Backlinks: Homepage or Articles/Products?

    As the title says, what do you prefer? Get links to homepage or to articles/products? Depending on what you vote for, justify your answer.
  3. tiagocardoso

    My One question related to Adsense

    Can you show a printscreen?
  4. tiagocardoso

    ⚡⚡ Ultra Powerful PBN ⚡⚡ HomePage Links ❤️❤️Premium Domains ❤️❤️ DA upto 70 ❇️ starting @ 1$

    My review: I make my first order to test the service. I bought 10 links and I receive 12, that was super nice from OP. As promise, all links have +20DA. The posts have 1 image with +400 words of spun text (copyscape safe). All PBN's have SSL, but most don't have much work - they have sample...
  5. tiagocardoso

    Ahrefs Report for FREE (Giveaway)

    Well, I paid for 7 day trial ahrefs, but I already finished my research. So, now I am giving away ahref reports... Post on this thread and PM me with what you want (backlink report, keyword) etc. I will send the report when I am available. Regards
  6. tiagocardoso

    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    I'm not sure, but I guess it's still available.
  7. tiagocardoso

    Do you remember "ORKUT" ?

    Yep! It was very popular on Brazil. Hi5 and Orkut... Good times!
  8. tiagocardoso

    [VENOM SEO] - Offering amazing GOLD Package Links - absolutely FREE

    I'm interested in your links... Waiting for a reply! Thanks ;)
  9. tiagocardoso

    Find and tell me the SEO faults

    Are you sure that 1200 links are good?
  10. tiagocardoso

    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    It depends. Some gets like 80€, others 300€ per user.
  11. tiagocardoso

    Anyone here tried HitLeap?

    Everyone used hitleap one time in their life. It was very popular a few years ago to send traffic to sh*tty CPMs networks. Nowadays, hitleap traffic is useless.
  12. tiagocardoso

    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    Yes. In Brazil this is happening too.
  13. tiagocardoso

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    Hey I had used Alexhost services in the past years. I don't usually do any reviews because never needed to do it. The truth is Alexhost has impressed me, they are friendly, quite fast replying in Tickets, but very helpful staff. My website have Warez Content, I'm using their LiteSpeed...
  14. tiagocardoso

    TikTok paying 80$ per new user in Portugal

    I don't understand what's going on either. The truth is that it's real, but nobody understands why they pay such a high fee for Portuguese users. Many people suspect that it will serve to sell data to third parties, but we'll see... As you can see, I shared a link, and it's real... The TikTok...