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  1. Vodaa Citaa

    Joint Venture in Instagram Child Accounts

    I want someone with experience in Instagram niche and child accounts. Plan will be discussed later. Looking for trustworthy people only, dong bother if you can’t do it. Profit shared equally.
  2. Vodaa Citaa

    Buy CHEAP & TARGETTED Web Traffic at ONLY $3.99 for 100 000 Web Visitors - REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE

    BUY SOME OF THE CHEAPEST TRAFFIC ON THE MARKET! Only Pay $3.99 for 100,000 Web Visitors! Click Here to Buy! Post your Transaction ID below to receive bonus traffic! Contact Me for Bulk Pricing and Geo-Location. How is the price so cheap? We reduce profit margins so that our customers can be...
  3. Vodaa Citaa

    Buy Cheap Web Traffic at $3.99 for 100,000 Visitors Only!

    BUY SOME OF THE CHEAPEST TRAFFIC ON THE MARKET! Only Pay $3.99 for 100,000 Web Visitors! Click Here to Buy! Contact Me for Bulk Pricing and Geo-Location. How is the price so cheap? We reduce profit margins so that our customers can be happy! Will i get tracking link? Yes, you will receive a...
  4. Vodaa Citaa

    Buy Established Adult Sites that receive Great Traffic with DeepFakes and 20,000 Videos Included!

    HOW TO BUY? Just click on the image above or click here. Prices Prices are at right above. Questions? Just post them below, I will answer them as soon I get them! Contacting: Skype: ankushchow19 Email: [email protected]
  5. Vodaa Citaa

    Ranking “Search Instead” Keywords?

    Will I be able to rank my site if use for example supasac as my keyword? Let’s say my site name is supasac Or will my site not rank on that keyword?
  6. Vodaa Citaa

    How to turn a single Gmail ID to Unlimited Email IDs

    Hey y'all I didn't know about this before so don't kill me for this, there could be other who didn't know this. So basically to use a gmail address to create other addresses you just need to add+# before the @ sign. # is any number. Example: [email protected] or [email protected] etc...
  7. Vodaa Citaa

    Can you add phone numbers from any country in Instagram PV?

    I wanted to ask if it’s possible to add phone numbers from any country when Instagram shows this: Or are we only allowed number from the local country?
  8. Vodaa Citaa

    Giveaway of 10 accounts to 6 people

    I am giving away 10 accounts to 6 people because I don’t really need them, it’s a first come first serve so hurry up! Thanks.
  9. Vodaa Citaa

    The Big Instagram 101

    Hey y’all Everyday there is always someone posting questions on how to do something on Instagram. Hence I decided to make a small guide covering several topics of Instagram. When to post? says: “In 2018, the majority of social media managers said that lunch time from 11am-1pm was...
  10. Vodaa Citaa

    Should I market my store on Twitter on nah?

    I was thinking whether I should create an account for my store and use that to market my store on it. I heard it has very low engagement relatively, but it is among the top social media sites. Should I do it?
  11. Vodaa Citaa

    My orders, you deliver YouTube views

    hey! I will provide the clients however you have to provide the views, we share profit 50/50
  12. Vodaa Citaa

    Best Cheap SEO on BHW

    Hey y'all, What do you are the best services on BHW that are cheap but very effective?
  13. Vodaa Citaa

    Is this legit?

    Hey is this site legit? I am looking for Reloadable VCC Thanks
  14. Vodaa Citaa

    Twitter Settings for Bot 2018?

    Hey y’all, I wanted to ask the most optimum setting for following, unfollowing and liking on Twitter in 2018. I mean like timing and quantity for automation. Thanks for spending your time on helping me.
  15. Vodaa Citaa

    Places to Promote Adult content?

    Hey what are the places to promote adult content, except twitter and tumblr. Thanks
  16. Vodaa Citaa

    Dropshipping question

    Hey! I want to ask that for the products I am dropshipping, should I remove the brand names because my customers will search it up and find a cheaper price on aliexpress? The problem is the images shows the name of the brand and there isn't a point renaming the product. Should I just remove the...
  17. Vodaa Citaa

    Dropshipping JV

    Hey, Basically i want to start a dropshipping website with someone. What i bring: -Domain and Hosting -Website Setup -Support What you bring: -Traffic -Half payments for Dropshipping I will share profit 50-50 Thanks!
  18. Vodaa Citaa

    Babes or Memes

    Hey y'all, So basically I have an Instagram account that was grown to 14k followers in a meme/comedy niche. I was thinking whether I should change to a babe niche or stay because apparently babes have more engagement. However do babes have less monetization opportunities like shoutouts and all?
  19. Vodaa Citaa

    How much is 5 Milion Rewarded Video Ads Views worth?

    So I want to ask, If 500 000 people watch 10 ads on my app, it makes 5 Million Rewarded ad views, how much will that be worth. Thanks
  20. Vodaa Citaa

    Are Adult Sites Still Profitable?

    Hey guys, i was planning to start a adult site, is it stil profitable with all the competition out there?