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  1. TheDevloper

    Best ad network for Xfilesharing site

    Hello guys, hope everyone is doing good. Can anyone suggest to me the best ad network beside adsence and infolinks, i have tried taboola and they are the worst for this niche, even if i have 25k visitors / day (usa, germany, uk, india, etc). please note that i use xfileshraing script. thank you
  2. TheDevloper

    Best Ad network for a FileSharing site ?

    Hello guys, i would ask you what is the Best Ad network for a FileSharing site (PPD)? currently we are using Xfilesharing, we are in this business for more than 1 year, we have tested adsence(earnings was great, but it was disabled), we have tested taboola(but their ad rpm is so low compared to...
  3. TheDevloper

    My website is not in the similarsitesearch database

    Hello Guys, when i type my website in i got this message saying that i have to Create a text file named ssstopics.txt with related keywords to my site + upload it. i did this thing and i waited 5 days, but my website still not appearing in, while my...