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  1. zionbar

    Shiba Inu was just listed on coinbase - are you still holding?

    Curious to see how many are still holding ... its been doing good recently in terms of being listed on Webull, and now coinbase... Some are saying robinhood is next... good luck to all hodlers :)
  2. zionbar

    [Super Early] Orange Token - 700k market cap - potential 100x

    Guys, you wanted me to let u know so heres a token i just bought. it launched a few days ago but just started to move. Website : white paper : I got in for $400, nothing crazy, but...
  3. zionbar

    $Astro : new shitcoin, just launched (1 day old, low market cap) pumping rn

    Hey, Just joined this shitcoin thought id give yall a heads up so you can get in early. already starting to pump. Site : marketcap about 600k .. so very low Info : Website: 1. very early! 2. site looks great 3. dog coin - we love these...
  4. zionbar

    My $shitcoin investment portfolio ...

    Since many users on here ask I thought id share mine, all of them are in very early stages so if you were to get in, now would be the time. again, not financial advice, dont put in money you cant afford to lose, and dont beat up your wife. Im not going to name the amounts because of " he who...
  5. zionbar

    $munch coin exploding

    Anyone in? Exploding rn i only had a couple hundred in it a few days ago Checked today i got $1200 Anyone riding it?
  6. zionbar

    Some quick tips for Youtube +CPA: How to get a shit-ton of views fast...

    Hey ya'll, Z here Wanted to give you a few tips on ranking videos on a brand new yt channel, these work for me and i recently started another new channel on a great niche iv found, thought id share my success w u guys. Here are some quick stats from my vidiq: I posted a few short videos...
  7. zionbar

    XRP wants to go public ? Is that even possible ?

    I keep reading this stuff u guys think its bs or they really mean to do that (not saying they can or cant wondering if its even possible) How would a crypto go public its not a company lol.. if anyone is more familiar with xrps project id love to hear ur thoughts :)
  8. zionbar

    [AMA] Making $$$ Money Selling on Amazon FBA

    Hey guys, Some of you have seen that I recently released a paid guide underlying my amazon business, how I got the brand to 6 figures in sales, and so on. Due to the overwhelming amount of questions iv got on Amazon FBA and how it works, iv decided to help you guys out so feel free to shoot...
  9. zionbar

    Amazon Secrets EXPOSED: How I Make $5000 NET Per Month on Amazon [ Income Proof Inside ] ✅

  10. zionbar

    [Cool Method] Resell Limited Edition Nike Shoes and Make Nice Profits $$$

    Hey Guys, Z here with another cool method to make money with. In my effort to give more value to BHW members, I'm going to release more money-making methods, and I ask those other veteran members here to do the same. That way we all get to read about interesting methods, get more ideas - and...
  11. zionbar

    looking for ideas - how would you monetize this type of acc

    Hey ya'll I got an acc that i never monetized with over 30k followers and pretty good engagement in the luxury niche (watches, cars, all that bs) 85% men any good ideas as far as monetization? i was thinking of promoting mens fashion brands but idk if they'll convert well (i dont think so)...
  12. zionbar

    [For Beginners] 5 DEADLY Mistakes You Must Avoid as an affiliate Marketer

    Hey Guys! Zionbar here with another post that will hopefully teach you something new... So, Why the dramatic title, and why do i think these mistakes are deadly? Simple - if you don't avoid them, your online marketing can literally die... be over with... buh-bye, back to working at...
  13. zionbar

    [Great Method for Newbies] Make Your first commission within 72 hours from now, using reddit.

    What’s up guys, Zionbar here back with another cool method for you guys. In this tutorial, I will teach you how you can start generating affiliate sales in literally the next 72 hours. Its that easy, u just gotta work (hate working? who cares... do it anyway.) If you want to see your first...
  14. zionbar

    [Update] Upcoming Changes to Amazon Referral (associates) Program

    Hey ya'll, So haven't seen a thread about it, but i saw on amazon affiliates they have a change coming in June 2021. Thought ill write it here as i know many of you have amazon aff websites (including me) or are thinking about starting one. SOURCE ...
  15. zionbar

    Elon Musk: Tesla Will Increase to $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Holdings :o

    I wonder what Elon knows, they've been buying BTC like crazy. This def made me buy some BTC myself even tho i think its pure speculation at this point... if giants like Elon are pouring money like that into btc.. surely they know something Source ...
  16. zionbar

    [METHOD] Make Money w/ Youtube CPA by Launch-Jacking (Cool Twist)

    Hey everybody! Z here. As part of my 'giving back to bhw' journey, i've decided to give u some more useful info thatll make u money (as my friend Dom Kennedy, says:" if it dont make money it dont make sense") Youtube + CPA is a great way to make money so today im going to share a little trick...
  17. zionbar

    [Motivational] How to stop being a lazy F*** and Start Making Real Money Online.

    Hi guys, Zionbar here with another truth pill for you to swallow... Im not a huge fan of motivation content, I think most of it is a waste of time tbh, but i've read so many negative comments on here recently of ppl whining about this method and that method, and thats dead and this doesnt work...
  18. zionbar

    [JV] My KW Research+Plan+Domain w/ Your HQ Content Writing Skills

  19. zionbar


    Hey, Need 20 reviews that stick. Paying $15 per review - it must have a picture of the product posted with the review and the text i will provide in the review. willing to work with agencies (only if ur reviews stick) or individuals) you keep the product after purchase, you will be reimbursed...
  20. zionbar

    Are you 100% full-time affiliate marketer or do u also have a '9-5' job?

    Just curious to see how many ppl on here are in IM / AFM full-time vs. those that also have a " job". Im blessed in that way, 100% full time for a few years now.. and i love it, tons of freedom (that can be dangerous at times lol) What about you? also do u have your job because u like getting...