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  1. s7ryker

    Tool to count number of words on a site.

    There was a site where you could count the total number of words of a site just by putting the main URL I can't remember the name. Some help pls.
  2. s7ryker

    Alternative to ?

    Do you know an alternative to
  3. s7ryker

    Why we don't have a proofread and editing service ?

    I speak for myself and others who are not native and write their own articles but when we have to check the articles for errors we need to go to fiverr or other sites for proofreading and editing services. BHW doesn't have such a service and I don't understand why?
  4. s7ryker

    Asking Community For Help

    Hello, crypto friends I'm asking for your help to add Worldcoin (WDC) to . They already said that they are considering adding the coin so all they need it's a little push. If you have invested in other coins that are not listed on their exchange you could ask to add that...
  5. s7ryker

    How do i stop geo targeting for my afiliate link ?

    How do i stop geo targeting for my cpalead afiliate link ?
  6. s7ryker

    If you traffic method sucks

    If you traffic method sucks that's ok Learn from the best This pigeon found a method that use traffic to his advantage. He really thinks outside the box
  7. s7ryker

    I need to index 200k gsa ser backlinks

    I need to index 200k gsa ser backlinks but i have no clue how to do that nowdays
  8. s7ryker

    Need help in choosing a proofread and edit Gig from Fiverr

    I want to write my own articles for a new site but English is not my native language so i make mistakes. I just need a recommendation to a Fiverr Gig( proofread and edit , contextual spelling , grammar , punctuation , sentence structure..) or similar service from another place. If you had used...
  9. s7ryker

    web 2.0 question

    6 month ago one site got hit by google spam( content with little or no added value). Cheap Pbn and high exact match anchor text ratio was the problem i have like 40 web2.0 with unique content(2-4 article each) pointing to that site I want to build a new site in the same niche and i don't know...
  10. s7ryker

    Need help monetizing a site

    I need help monetizing a site with 5k-uv/day. Number 3 in Google for a keyword with 301k search/month Site its an EMD and its a "Find location type site". People come in ..submit zip code or select country , city etc and find the nearest address they are looking for and go out Adsense its not...
  11. s7ryker

    Amazon niche site conversion question

    Hi all . I 've build my first amazon niche site a couple months ago an i have 50-100 uv a day. My site it's basic a review site with category and blog section and its like 70% reviews article and 30% how to chose, best product , etc ... article. My links to amazon are inside the reviews. I dont...
  12. s7ryker

    How Hard It Is ?

    7 monts ago ive made my first site(amazon) and made the mistake of choosing high competition keywords( newbie mode on) but since then i learn a lot about seo and manage to rank first page with 8 keywords on Bing and Yahoo but with google im on 2 and 3 page with almost all my keywords(all are...
  13. s7ryker

    What tool/tools should i buy first ?

    i own 2 sites and little seo knowledge and where are a lot of tools like: Captcha Sniper GSA SER UltimateDemon ScrapeBox etc what should i buy first to start my seo campaign since my keywords rank its 20-50 only with original content and no seo
  14. s7ryker

    Noob question here !

    i purchase my first domain in january for amazon niche reviews and i notice about 3-5 uv a day. Yesterday's traffic was 16 visits Traffic this month 175 Visits . Top countries: Pakistan , United States, Great Britain. Why do i get traffic since my domain its empty(just a wordpress...
  15. s7ryker

    Hi all

    I decided to join the bhw community. Hope we will have a good time here "Live long and prosper"