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  1. loopline

    Is it true that automated backlink generation tools are so effective?

    here is the link that is mentioned by @710fla
  2. loopline

    Best tool(s) to Scrape & translate articles + upload on WordPress?

    Scrapebox does not have integration for that api, but there are other spinner apis in the article scraper plugin. Also the article scraper plugin can bulk post to wordpress.
  3. loopline

    What are Gsa Ser and Scrapebox Backlink Speeds?

    I dont measure per hour but you can run Scrapebox around 200 connections and then just fire up multiple instances to the point your resources max out. GSA can run only 1 instance and about 300 to 400 connections is where it maxes out. You can run more then that but you start to get...
  4. loopline

    best POD platform where the sale happens on their page? (redbubble style)

    What kind of traffic? I have tested sending B2B traffic to amazon merch with dismal success. Ive sent it both direct and thru my own site that has the products linked to amazon. If its B2C traffic then its different. and are you wanting to send it to a POD in general or to a specific...
  5. loopline

    ScrapeBox, XRumer or ThemaPoster ?

    So what is the question exactly? Scrapebox is not going to post to forums. you can post to blogs leaving comments and image sites, but not really forums. Xrumer may be able to post to the forums, it depends. you can do other things with scrapebox like find more forums or shorten the links...
  6. loopline

    Blog commenting specifics...

    Google passed proxies are sought after by everyone, its nothting to do with scrapebox, its just the proxies get blocked fast. That said, I can't necessarily say a back connect service that is working exactly great with google these days. Ive always had good luck with wordpress, but if your...
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    Scrapebox server timeout?

    Y You are probably using too old of a version of scrapebox, try downloading the latest copy. Else your security software could have updated and is blocking it. You can go to help >> server test and see if everything is green. Servers are up...
  8. loopline

    Scrapebox Harvester

    It depends, it make take some trail and error as there are a lot of factors that google blocks on. If in doubt set it high and you can dial it back. so start with a 60 delay, if that works, try 30 and so on.
  9. loopline

    scrapebox expired domain finder vs expired domain finder preview??

    Expired domain finder preview is the up and coming new version of the expired domain finder. EDF (expired domain finder) uses only WHOIS EDF Previiew uses both WHOIS and RDAP, also it works differently on the back end. So use EDF preview ideally. It will eventually replace EDF, but there...
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    Scrapebox Harvester

    your error is that you used 33 proxies and set connections to 33, so you went Far too fast and google banned the ips You would want to try 1 connnection. Which may still be too fast. You may need to use the detailed harvester and set a delay.
  11. loopline

    Millions of Txt lines for Excel not working. Solution for SQL DB convertor?

    Sorry, can't help you there. I don't really work with databases much really. Im sure it could be done easily with python and you could hire someone for less then $50 to write it for you on up work, would be my guess, as a worst case. But there is probably already something, I would just...
  12. loopline

    Anyone using Scrapebox content scraper plugin?

    You can use the google meta scraper addon to scrape the actual content from the SERPs, is that what you mean? Else the article scraper can scrape articles from the actual websites, but you need to train the sites, so directories etc.. work better for this purpose. That said you drudged up an...
  13. loopline

    Scraping emails from Tik Tok

    There is a basic email scraper in the core of scrapebox that can scrape emails. The premium plugin can scrape the same emails, however it does have other filters and options and an email verifier and a custom data scraper for scraping emails with other data and more.
  14. loopline

    Scrapebox scrape email forum?

    Yes. I mean scrapebox can scrape emails from any site based on this criteria - and by the way scrapebox has not closed their business. If you can view the email without having to be logged in and you can view the email with javascript turned off. So in your browser, make sure you are...
  15. loopline

    Footprints for Contact Form Poster - Scrapebox for Wordpress Contact Forms

    3 methods 1 - if its low volume high quality then I use Gmass. 2 - Ive used mail 250. I mostly use them to preclean lists that could have a lot of nonsense in them. As for success I get a little, but if I can get it to pay for its self I consider it good for the sake of cleaning. Of course I...
  16. loopline

    Scraping emails from Tik Tok

    No I was saying if you can see the emails in the source html of the page its self. Unless your trying to use the google meta scraper then sure you can get them from the SERP. Your footprint is probably not working with your ip, meaning google has banned the advanced query for your IP...
  17. loopline

    Scraping emails from Tik Tok

    Try a few tik tok pages that you know have emails, but just don't use proxies. Then also you can try loading the page in a browser with javascript turned off. Also make sure you are not logged into tik tok. scrapebox does not execute scripts and it can not login, so if you do ctrl+u and...
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    Multiple Regex to capture more then one variable (Srapebox)

    Sorry, sound cloud isn't something Ive done. so I don't have footprints for it. However I do have a video on how to make footprints that may be helpful
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    Multiple Regex to capture more then one variable (Srapebox)

    There are up to 3 fields yes, so max you can enter in 3 different variations of before and after text, or 1 regex. If you needed more you could just have to do like phone 2 and phone 3 etc.. and put formats in those.
  20. loopline

    Multiple Regex to capture more then one variable (Srapebox)

    glad your earning income! the email scraper plugin has a custom data scraper that you can scrape multiple pieces of data and then get a nice excel output. It also has some nice filters and options. Ill put a video below, although the current version offers more then what was in the video. I...