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  1. cnick79

    Private Relay - BHW Accounts from Same IP

    What’s BHW policy on accounts logging in or getting created from multiple IP addresses? I ask because with Apple’s upcoming OS and iOS releases with an iCloud+ subscription are all going to have their IP address anonymizes. There’s no way mods will be able to ban accounts by IP or assume...
  2. cnick79

    DigitalOcean and SEMrush IPO

    So who is getting in on these companies going public? I regretted not getting in on Shopify, Fiverr, and mongodb to name a few. Do folks here still use SEMrush and what are your thoughts about it as a product?
  3. cnick79

    [BETA] Wayback Machine Downloader

    This is more of an Alpha release than a beta but I figured I would open this up for folks and if it gains enough interest I will expand on it. Get the Wayback Machine Downloader/Restoration application you can use to download complete copies of websites as they appear on Paste...
  4. cnick79

    A Simple Pinterest Image Downloader

    I created a simple Pinterest downloader available here. Instructions on how to use it are in the file. It uses NightmareJs which runs on Electron and makes "testing" web pages very easy to do. I really like its API and find it very intuitive to use. Unfortunately, NightmareJS is...
  5. cnick79

    Recommend MySQL hosting

    Can anyone recommend a free database as a service for a MySQL database? I'm looking for something similar to mlab but for MySQL.
  6. cnick79

    [FREE Review] Access to Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

    I am offering free review copies to people interested in my latest BST. Requirements: WordPress 5.4.2+ How to Claim 1. Post your interest in this thread. 2. Download the plugin here. 3. I will send you a license key to use for review. 4. Leave review on sales thread. 5. (optional) Receive...
  7. cnick79

    Create Affiliate Links Using JavaScript

    I created a JavaScript library that finds text on a website and replaces it with a link. It's simple, basic, and doesn't require any jQuery. I created it to use on a static HTML website where I wanted to swap out some text with an affiliate link. Example: Load the js-affiliate.js file Put...
  8. cnick79

    [Download] Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins

    GPL Download and Install Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes from a single plugin. Includes Elementor Pro! FEATURES Unlimited Downloads Access to Free Themes and Plugins Automatic Updates 1-Click Update Requests Original Clean Files Includes Elementor Pro PRICING Monthly: $14.99...
  9. cnick79

    [JV] JavaScript Developer and Partner

    I'm looking to partner with a JavaScript developer with Electron, React (using CRA), Node.js, and experience to take over development duties of an application that is 65-75% completed. All of the code written so far has been written by me and not somebody else. The application will be...
  10. cnick79

    Lessons Learned

    Lesson Learned: Don't sell your services for less than your cost. Some of the earliest money I made online was doing typical website development work, the "I will create a WordPress website for you for X amount". I also offered fully managed web hosting as an add-on which nearly everyone...
  11. cnick79

    [Free] Website Restoration Service’s

    I will restore a website from the wayback machine free of charge. Just post the exact url from and that page along with all linked pages that are archived will be restored as HTML pages.
  12. cnick79

    [Jv] Free Email Sending

    I am looking for somebody who has an email list who is comfortable with me sending your marketing emails. Your list size can be 500 - 100,000+. The emails will be sent out slowly, starting at ~20 per/hour and then increasing in volume each day for 2 weeks. NO SCRAPED EMAILS. Your list must be...
  13. cnick79

    JavaScript Developer Needed

    I need a JavaScript developer (multiple) to help take over some coding responsibilities. For this task, I need several JavaScript libraries created for connecting to the Namecheap API, GoDaddy API, and others. I only need about 5 methods created for each. I am looking for somebody who enjoys...
  14. cnick79

    Let's talk SEO Packages and sell them

    I think having a thread listing different pieces of SEO could be handy for anyone wanting to do SEO whether for themselves or for other people. I think it can also be useful for people looking to put together SEO packages to sell and have a list they can choose to include in their packages. I...
  15. cnick79

    Dealing with ADA compliance

    I have been getting a lot of work to help make client websites ADA compliant. The thing is, my clients are receiving complaints about their website, mostly e-commerce sites, and the complaints are not coming from individuals, but from lawyers! I’m all for making the web accessible for everyone...
  16. cnick79

    Website Image Sources

    Anyone have a good list of royalty free/stock images they use? Specifically, I’m looking for background images I can use for websites sections; subtle images that add some sort of effect or graphic and not something that is a photo.
  17. cnick79

    Email Providers for clients

    What do you guys do for email solutions for clients in which you provide hosting for? I have some sites who use their web server to send email and other users who I sent to G Suite, but I’m looking for a solution where I can resell reliable email services to them. Some people don’t want to...
  18. cnick79

    Design Prototype Tool for React Components

    Can anyone recommend a good design or prototype tool to use with react components for mocking up their applications? I am looking for a tool where I can import or point to my local react components so I can design the layout and visualize the app before coding it.
  19. cnick79

    Email Hosting for Domains

    How many of you guys provide email accounts for clients you host websites for? Which platform do you guys use to send and receive emails from [email protected]? Gmail, Zoho, and Microsoft seem to be the top.
  20. cnick79

    Tether Concerns

    I keep reading more and more reports about Tether and accusations that they don’t have the money to back their coins and have been printing money in the form of Tether to keep up. I don’t know what to believe...