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  1. Th3 Technician

    What happens if you buy both of Jr. VIP and Premium?

    Hi, Do anyone know what happens if you buy both of available account upgrades Jr. VIP and Premium Member. - Do you get the 2 badges below your name or just one of them? - If you are a Jr. VIP and you upgrade to premium membership does the Jr. VIP membership gets canceled? - Do you receive...
  2. Th3 Technician

    UnCaptcha2 | defeating the latest version of ReCaptcha with 91% accuracy

    Hello BHW Members, There is a new version of uncaptcha released 4 days ago thought of sharing it with you :) Introducing unCaptcha2 Thanks to the changes to the audio challenge, passing ReCaptcha is easier than ever before. The code now only needs to make a single request to a free, publicly...
  3. Th3 Technician

    Wordpress being exploited

    To whom it may concern Wordpress is facing 7 high-risk vulnerabilities and they are being exploited in the wild. If you are running wordpress i advise you to update everything RIGHT NOW and check your server logs for anything suspicious...
  4. Th3 Technician

    [WTB] offerup verified accounts

    Hi, I need to buy offerup verified accounts if accounts have rating even better. Will need in bulk! Please PM me or reply with price per account and how many you can get.
  5. Th3 Technician


    Hi, I need an Amazon AWS VCC. I'll also need in the future a few more so if you have some in stock let me know. PM me if you're selling a VCC for AWS
  6. Th3 Technician

    Get my Upwork account approved

    Hi, As title says i need someone who could get my Upwork account approved, Please reply with your price, Task goes to the lowest bidder or PM Me!
  7. Th3 Technician

    Buying old verified Upwork Account

    I'm only buying from people that actually have positive reputation on this forum. If you have no rep I won't in interested in doing a transaction with you. PM me with the profile link or we can talk on skype : [email protected] Also I need to know how I can use the account without it...
  8. Th3 Technician

    The Pentester

    i'm not new here, but i felt jealous from other members posting here lol, anyway i'm a Certified Ethical Hacker, Working in a day job as a Linux System Administrator, in the night i freelance online ( SMTP - Penetration Testing - Linux - DNS - Scraping - Scripting ) i'm a bit high-skilled...