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  1. youtalkmedia

    Add Videos To Your Websites!

    Hey guys, I don't post a ton of guides here, but I thought I would post this because of how big of an impact I saw by adding a video to my pages. I basically got a short 30s youtube video on each page of my website. After I added the video I saw my rankings go up on every keyword. One of my...
  2. youtalkmedia

    Is there a demand for HQ Sites Earning Real Money Anymore?

    Hey guys, I have been thinking of getting into site flipping on the side, but I am wondering if there is an actual demand for HQ sites anymore. I look on flippa, and all I see is crappy cookie cutter websites with copied content, no earnings selling at around $60. And the sites I see with...
  3. youtalkmedia

    How To Price Itesm

    Hey all, I have a question for people who have been drop shipping for a while. I am starting my own product line, and am trying to figure out pricing for my product online. I want to walk away with $25 after shipping. Should I do something like: $25 free shipping $15, $10 shipping $20, $5...
  4. youtalkmedia

    Journey to developing my own product

    Hi BHW, If you know who I am, you will know that I have been around for a while, and I focus on web development and social marketing. I have had quite a bit of success with it, but it has always been a dream of mine to develop my own product, or line of products. So now that I have enough...
  5. youtalkmedia

    Suggestions on reliable hosting for images - high bandwidth?

    Im looking for a host where I can store large quantities of images. The hosting provider needs to run off a lamp server, and have a good bandwidth allowance. Basically I have websites where I host content, that are extremely quick, but the company does not offer unlimited bandwidth. I want...
  6. youtalkmedia

    Toronto Meet Up

    Just wondering how many members here are from Toronto, and would be interested in doing some sort of Toronto meet up. Im thinking some place central/downtown Toronto, have a networking/ meet and greet type of event. I think it could be cool to meet some BHW members in person, discuss what is...
  7. youtalkmedia

    Great comic strip to give some motivation.

    Reall great strip to give you some motivation.
  8. youtalkmedia

    Want A WordPress Plugin?

    Hey, so over the next month I'm going to have some time, and I want to create a couple WordPress plugins to add to my resume. If anyone has ideas on plugins they would like, but dont yet exist, post below, and I will chose one of them to work on. The plugin will then be distributed free, so...
  9. youtalkmedia

    Wanted: Facebook Shares

    I am looking to buy some facebook shares on accounts that have a lot of friends. The posts you will be sharing are "click-bait" type posts like the ones you would commonly see on buzzfeed. I am looking for people who have 1k+ friends on their accounts, and not fake friends. I will pay based...
  10. youtalkmedia

    Home Based Business $2,000 Per Day - Too Funny.

    So I came across this video on youtube today... I almost died laughing... BEST METHOD EVER!
  11. youtalkmedia

    $75,000/year from 1 website Within 2 years.

    So this is going to be a longer journey. But the reason it is long is because I want to make sure I have enough time to achieve my goals. (Seeing that I am in school right now, and I have a part time job after school, and I do a bunch of freelance stuff) So over the last year, I have worked a...
  12. youtalkmedia

    Designer's Needed

    I recently launched a website: and I need to start getting some designs into the contest. By October I want to have the first 10 keychain designs made, so over the next month I will be accepting more designs than I usually will, and there will be very little competition...
  13. youtalkmedia

    Use my site to sell or buy ads?

    I have a question for people who have launched their own brands in the past. One of my websites is in a niche that I want to start selling products to. I know for sure 100% that everyone that visits my site has a certain product that I want to sell an attachment for. Now this site earns...
  14. youtalkmedia

    How fast can you read?

    Hey, I made a speed reading app that is free to use, and I would like to know how fast the average person can read using it. If you have a couple seconds to try it out please go to and give it a test. ATM I am copying and pasting long threads into it form BHW to read...
  15. youtalkmedia

    11% of people think HTML is an STI

    Besides the fact that I'm sure some people taking the survey were trolling, and the LA Times still calling STI's STD's, this article shows how non-knowledgeable most people are about computers/ the internet...
  16. youtalkmedia

    Crazy Click-bank Commission - Get Ready!

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 03/09/2014 ---- ARE YOU READY? Within the next month I will be putting up a new click-bank product that will make you a mint! Commission: 75% Cost of Book: $29.99 ($20 for you) Niche: Education - Students BONUSES to BHW members ONLY: Sell Your First Copy...
  17. youtalkmedia

    Earning For Retirement?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here knows of a good safe place to store my savings for retirement. This is not the usual BHW type of thread, but right now I am putting aside ~$300/month into a savings account for when I retire. (I am 20 ATM and plan to retire ~55-60) so that will end up...
  18. youtalkmedia

    How should I go About this site?

    I just happened to jump on a great domain name. Without giving away the niche. Here are some facts. I have the .ca name (which is actually great for Google in Canada) my domain is the EXACT product name, the product is a digital download that is sold for ~$1000-$7000 USD each. I do not see...
  19. youtalkmedia

    Make $100 in a month. Method for noobs who need to start with 0 investment.

    This guide is for anyone who is looking to start earning online, and has no clue where to start, and no money to spend on buying ebooks with methods that do not actually work. Using this method, all you need is a computer, and internet connection. If you want to be more successful, you can...