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    Can I get hacked and what should I do?

    I have received FB messenger from my close friend and without looking opening the link and goes into a multiple questionnaires, and ask to share among other friends. Until the I realize it a fake link, can I get hack or get malware/virus by doing just that? It’s did not ask me to login, or...
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    Which is the best software/application Torrents?

    Piratebay is not the same anymore, doesn’t have or lots of virus now. please help referred me thank you.
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    Lists your best Crypto Volatility Signal App!

    Well I am trying to find the most useful one for myself but couldn’t figure out with one, maybe you can tell me yours of course beside Tradingview.
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    OBS live video reaction?

    Hello guyz, is it possible to do a live video (pre recording video) and do actual live reaction video through phone camera on OBS? (Don’t have webcam)
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    Is there an recording video app like FB messenger?

    I try to find the similar app to FB messenger video recording app filter, since the FB messenger has limit the duration. Anyone know this type of app?
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    Compilation video for ads stream?

    Is it possible to get ads stream on compilation video? (I have seen a few videos that does) and how to do it do so that I don’t get disable?
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    How to enable Ads Stream in restriction country?

    Just like the title, how do you get your page monetize (specifically Ads Stream) enable if you live in one of the country that is not enable?
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    How can this videos get monetize? I am doing similar video, with more editing than this video and still got ban. How can this pass the security?
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    Is it possible to get my page from disable monetizing?

    The button to review is grey out, and got demonetize because of copyrighted video. Is there a way to get the monetization back or is there a service available?
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    Possible to create Adsense account?

    Hi, is it possible to create Adsense account in advance even if the channel requirement has not met?
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    Can I apply for BM account?

    If my personal ads account has been disable (restricted) can I still apply for the BM account and get verify? Or should I create new profile account?
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    Any standard statistic for Facebook insight?

    There is a lot to see on Facebook insights like Reaction, Net Follower, Return Viewers etc. I did google search and found a baseline for Reach Vs View so I got a good idea how my contents, time to post etc. But the rest I’m not so sure how to read, like the 3 seconds —-> 15 sec ——> 1 minutes...
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    Needed assistant with Facebook account?

    So I had my friend to help create me an email (gmail) in the US, using the email to create me a Facebook account (real). My question is how do I login to that account without getting flag? Do I needs to use VPN to login? (I’m not from the US obviously) the free VPN is suffice? Or do I need to...
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    How to create this type of game, and make money?

    Hi, so I been seeing this game simple app, where it change your name or profile to fit into their custom template, it’s very fun and certainly got lots of people attention. I mean it only last for a couple of week before people move to a different type, but the idea is pretty much the same just...
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    Can’t figure out how to add text on Vegas

    So my original video is 1920 x 1080, and want to convert it using Vegas to 720 x 1280 by adding text below the black top and bottom of the video project (not on the actual video) I figured that if I rendered (720 x 1280) once, then use the file add text and render the second time it’s would...
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    Can 1080 x 720 be upload?

    When do 1280 x 720 my video doesnt look right, is it okay to do 1080 x 720? Will Facebook allow? Thank
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    Need help with Vegas render settings.

    This is my render setting The question is my video is only 14 minutes long and the size is about 900MB, which is too big and when I uploading to Facebook. Second question, when uploading the Facebook suggesting they my video not even HD. Could you help me what I did...
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    Just got the respond from Facebook.

    After further review of your Facebook account, we found you didn't comply with our Advertising Policies ( or other standards. You will no longer be allowed to advertise and your access to features for managing ad and business accounts will remain limited...
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    In Sony Vegas how do you render in one go?

    Hi, how do you renders a multiple video project and render in one go? The reason is I only have an hour in the morning, before off to works. It’s would save lots of time and have much project for me if I can just renders them in one goes and leave the computer on while I’m away. I heard Adobe...
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    How to get NTFS external drive to read and write on Mac (without formating)

    I needed help been trying to look for a way to do this but no success. The tutorial on YouTube doesn't work from changing the fstab file to down to download the Paragon cracked software. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you