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    Anyone know WTF happened to's Organic Traffic?

    Got hit with the Japanese spam too recently. Best time to buy their site!
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    Ordered some packages to try on new sites. If diversity links are doing good in this day and age or Nah.
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    [Journey] Blogging based on Income School (Project 24) Philosophy

    Are you unhappy that your site is making 500/m @Big Ron ? Don't listen to people that you should be making 10k a month etc. Making 5000 a month is a full time job, and mostly probably can't be done with a hobby site. I am sure your website has damn good stuff and it will be your legacy...
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    Ask me Anything about SEO [Ecom, Service, Affiliate]

    I use cision's stuff, works for me. Cheap PRs work for some people too, Seo mostly depends on the competition that you have. If there's 0 competition (is you catch a FAD early, you will rank with spammy backlinks too) If it's an ecom site, find affiliates and blogs are cool, you will gain extra...
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    Canadian Content Writing - (High-Quality & Native English Content!)

    Looking for some content, hit me up (It's for my Canadian brand)
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    Escrow to India bank a/c transfer

    First transaction takes time, then it's 2-3 days. Ask your manager what's up if you are worried. They get all the details.
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    How to find good SEO packages?

    You have to strategise on how to increase authority of the site first then ranking individual pages come later. The authority prolongs your keyword's rankings. $1000 is a small budget if the keyword you are trying to rank is somewhat competative keywords. Skip all the fake packages. Get...
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    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    Only difference between Hooker vs Game: There's a process to game a girl and then you get in her pants (it's challenging and fun) Hooker (no challenge to get in her pants if you have money) My goal in life was to woo a stripper coz i thought it's not easy to woo them without money :P well I...
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    Happy birthday man! 0 to 12k should be easy af for you ;) Try 0 to 30k in 18 months.
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    Escaping the Rat Race ?

    Running a business is too much work. You are responsible for everything that happens and most entrepreneurs fail. Entrepreneurship is also a rat race these days. Getting a 9-5 job can be interesting af if you're in the right line and with less responsibilities. So I will vote for...
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    Best way to rank keywords with White Hat SEO?

    Press releases to get real journalists to write on their website is difficult af. Have tried a lot. Some press releases can increase rankings though. Depends on your campaign though :)
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    Best way to rank keywords with White Hat SEO?

    You started a website in blackhat niche, get some link baits in and get news sites to link to you (yeah, difficult af but that will a lot of whitehat gurus will say :P) You have to learn some blackhat stuff if you want to rank and bank using this mate.
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    Google can't crawl sitemap after Japanese hack

    Yeah, your website is still infected, reset the cron jobs, delete the malware. Increase your security af
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    Google can't crawl sitemap after Japanese hack

    open your website as and if a sitemap opens up with 403 error and a bunch of Japanese URLs. You still have to remove the malware and reset all the cron jobs if fixed, a normal sitemap should open up with your urls.
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    [DROPSHIPPING IS DEAD] Aliexpress FUCKS its customers! Includes ali sticker on ALL parcels!

    Read the full source thread! Plus any good drop shipper works directly with the seller. So not dead till you know what you're doing.
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    What does "Great Content" mean to you specifically? What defines "Great Content"?

    i will just give you an example: (if you google: affiliate marketing case study) (content sucks as a case study, it's how affiliate marketing should be done. Ironic?)...
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    Longest gone without fap?

    250 days but i masturbate once a week now. No porn for 1 year approx!