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  1. jake-1

    Drone and Cases Wholesale

    Looking for Wholesale DJI Phantoms and Walkera Scout X4 and Tali H500. I am also looking for this: I need wholesale pricing...
  2. jake-1

    Looking for Wholesaler for Litecoin USB Miner

    Looking for a drop shipper of the new Litecoin/Bitcoin USB miners. They use the new Gridchip GC3355. There is one out called Dualminer USB, if you are a wholesaler of that specific product id be interested aswell.
  3. jake-1

    Looking for wholesale RC Helicopters

    Looking for dropshippers for RC helicopters. Ranging in sizes and need to be able to be shipped here in less that 2 weeks.
  4. jake-1

    Need iPhone Case Dropshipper

    Need Spigen, and other iPhone cases
  5. jake-1

    Am I going to get scammed?

    Got a skype message today from a person in China that "dropships" Samsung Note 3's and S4's. He is charging 475 for the note and 425 for the S4. He has sent me another person who used him and he has good reviews. He also has agreed to use Escrow which is very safe. Are my customers going to...
  6. jake-1

    Google Won't Rank Homepage

    For some reason Google will not rank my homepage. They have ranked everything else except that. Why is this? Any tips?
  7. jake-1

    How to get website traffic to new website?

    Started a new Technology website called Ziffid. It features rumors and news about Apple, Android, Xbox and Playstation. I have 11 posts so far and I created the website about a week ago. There is one problem though... I HAVE NO TRAFFIC! NONE!! The only traffic I have gotten from is from...
  8. jake-1

    Website Idea

    Im Launching a website. It is going to be about New Technology info Similar to 9to5mac but instead of only apple things, I am also going to try and cover alot of different brands. Hope to get quite a bit of traffic out of doing this, what do you think?
  9. jake-1

    Products you can ONLY buy online?

    I am looking to start a website to make some serious $$$ I am great at web design, but I need some content. I think something you can exclusively sell online would make the most money. Any recommendations?
  10. jake-1

    Is There Any Money Here?

    Is there any money in emailing small businesses with ugly websites, and asking them if they would like you to redesign them for them? It's pretty simple to do, you just need basic knowledge of coding. You just get a template off Themeforest and basically plug in information. So how much money...
  11. jake-1

    I have $300 to invest! Any Ideas?

    I have $300 to invest! Any ideas on how I could turn that around and make some more cash! ?