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  1. karupoiss

    GSC shows page to be indexed but it isn't

    So I have a site I submitted to GSC and it says that certain pages are indexed but when doing site:domain(.)com they do no appear. I checked there are no manual actions or removal requests for this page (I have several of them). The site itself is a new one and then main page got indexed...
  2. karupoiss

    How does G determine what to use in its search snippets?

    I read this post and it seems for commercial sites it uses more the meta-description tags but for informational sites it takes from a text from random place (usually from the start of the body but not always the first sentence)...
  3. karupoiss

    Which option to choose for cloaking?

    I want to get traffic via G (spun crap articles) and want the users who land to my page to only see my email submit form. I know the "safest" option would be to buy a good cloaking service (IP cloaking) but it costs way too much. The alternatives would be to to referral cloaking OR overlay a...
  4. karupoiss

    How to cloak text on a page?

    So.. basically.. I want G to index the text on my site but when the visitor arrives I want him not to see the text but only my email submit form. I thought about making the text the same color as the background - seems that they have a patent for discovering it? I thought about putting the text...
  5. karupoiss

    Is Reddit a good ranking parasite in 2021?

    I have seen people talking that Medium and G sites are good parasites for ranking but how about Reddit?
  6. karupoiss

    How many hops/order is normal for CB traffic?

    I am promoting the products on Reddit and in subs where the offer is pretty targeted. Atm I have gotten like 200 hops but 0 sales (5 OFI). When promoting this product through email list I have gotten 2 sales so I know it converts but I don't know what would be a good hops sample size in order to...
  7. karupoiss

    How many comments/day on youtube (no links)?

    How many comment replies can you do with the same account/day on youtube without using links - just plain text comments without getting ghosted?
  8. karupoiss

    Is it easier to sell ClickBank product in FB groups than on Reddit?

    I am building an email list from Reddit crowd and it's super hard to get them buy any product from ClickBank.. I am a bit loosing hope.. are Facebook groups crowd easier to sell that kind of product to?
  9. karupoiss

    Selling to your email list vs providing value?

    So I am building an email list (they opt in for a free ebook that is of high quality). After that I have an autoresponder sending them mails around different topics in the same sub niche (self help) where I give tips and then sell at the end of every email. I mail out every other day. The...
  10. karupoiss

    Best way to promote to my email list?

    I have a list of around 1400 people that I have gotten via giving away a free ebook. Then I have set up an auto-responder that mails useful content (no selling) 1x week (the first 2 weeks it sends a useful email every 2 days, then after that around 1x week). What is the best way to promote...
  11. karupoiss

    Alerts showing old threads I have already read

    Next to my private messages icon in the forum there is the bell icon with alerts. It used to show all the topics that I follow that have new replies and only those. Now it also shows the threads whose notifications I have already clicked on and checked out. It doesn't only show the new ones I...
  12. karupoiss

    Are HTTP requests bots worse than browser emulation?

    I know that HTTP is faster and more scalable but how does it work? For browser you need to fake stuff to not seem as a bot. Wouldn't doing pure HTTP request only not a be a screaming red flag that you are a bot?
  13. karupoiss

    Where can I see up and coming/rising social media platforms (not mobile only apps)?

    I know there are app stores where u can see what platforms are gaining popularity etc but is there a site that keeps some kind of statistics about social media platforms/networks that are on PC/desktop that are gaining traction?
  14. karupoiss

    Question about detecting browser size

    If I use programs that fake my browser parameters and my computers.. for example the bot says my screen resolution is 1024x768 but then I put my browser window to "maximize".. will the site then know that I have maximized my browser and thus the provided screen resolution is actually fake?
  15. karupoiss

    How much to ask for a sticky post in subreddit?

    Hi! My sub is very on topic and in a good niche. It has 5k subs and I was approached to sell a sticky post for 2 days for a video. How much should I ask for it?
  16. karupoiss

    Suggest me platforms that allow you to meta refresh redirect links

    I want to find a platform like blogspot or something similar that allows you to insert your own code that lets you to do meta refresh redirect. URL shorteners won't do cause they all use 301 redirect that bots follow. I need platform that is 3rd party that allows me to do redirects...
  17. karupoiss

    Questions about YouTube commenting

    Hi! I want to post replies to already ranking YT comments WITHOUT links. What are the limits to this (how many comments/day is safe without getting shadow banned)? What bot can do it? Can new accounts also do it or do I need old accs with activity? The comments would not contain links. Thanks!
  18. karupoiss

    How to find relevant Facebook groups?

    I am trying to find relevant Facebook groups to my niche. The fb search bar doesn't show that many results to be honest. I googled and found that socionator and ninjablaster have group searching functionality. Does socionator group finder returns more search results than the regular fb search...
  19. karupoiss

    Is FB groups marketing easier than Reddit marketing?

    I am trying to build a list on reddit and it is really hard to be fair - people sign up and only get the free ebook I promote to get their email and then the open rate drops to 18% or so (if I don't land in promotions tab..then it's like 5%...). I have heard that reddit users are really hard to...
  20. karupoiss

    Do inbox warmers work?

    I have an opt in list for free ebook built from reddit. I have around 70 emails there but from the start the open rates were around 50% for the book email and then around 18% for the follow up ones. Most of my emails have no links other than unsubscribe from the list as I try to warm up the...