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  1. Mike Delgado

    FB Pages getting closed = can't run ads

    Hi guys & girls, Our latest problem right now, is that Facebook keeps closing our Facebook pages which we advertise from, and when we then create a new Facebook page, they close the new one after a couple of days and calls it "avoidance of systems". (They might write it in another way in English...
  2. Mike Delgado

    FB Problems - [Open Q&A]

    Hi guys & girls! I thought i'll get some questions out in the open, so people can follow the thread, get the same answers, put in some new questions, since i think many of the questions are the same, but spread out on a lot of different posts, and hiding around the forum :-D Feel free to ask...
  3. Mike Delgado

    When do you think FB will be normal again?

    Hi guys & girls, We stopped all of our Facebook Marketing about two weeks ago, since EVERYTHING got closed. Everytime we connected a profile to a BM, it asked for ID, it then accepted the ID, but the BM was never re-opened. And yes, it was real profiles, good BM's, we used Illuminati +...
  4. Mike Delgado

    Articles about Facebook problems due to the election/covid-19 hurts small businesses

    Hi! Do any of you have any articles about Facebook problems (for example closing business manager when asking for ID, and never opens it up, despite accepting the ID) are hurting "normal" businesses, that aren't posting political things, but just normal advertising for their company (for...
  5. Mike Delgado

    No answer from Facebook when it asks for ID and closes Business Manager

    Hi guys & girls, It's IMPOSSIBLE for us to get an answer from Facebook. It's been impossible for many weeks now. When we connect our aged and good Profile to a business manager, and spends, it will ask for an ID. We upload the ID which gets accepted by Facebook right away - however whenit...
  6. Mike Delgado

    FB not accepting our BM Request

    Hi! We're banging our head against the same f'ing problem right now. Our BM is verified, we warm up a profile, it asks for ID and closes the BM, FB accepts the ID, but it NEVER answers us reg. opening the BM. Does anyone have a magic trick for this? :D Best regards,
  7. Mike Delgado

    Luminaty Mobile Proxy [Exclusive] - What should Pool Size be? (gIP)

    Hi! When creating a Mobile Proxy [Exclusive] for useon managing FacebookBM / Ads Account, then what should your gIP/pool size be?Just selecting 1 seems to be too little, since the connection can get lost here and there. Best regards,
  8. Mike Delgado

    Let me know th BEST OF THE BEST seller of FB Profiles [Recommendations]

    Hi! I’m looking for the best of the best - with the best possible quality and the longest lifetime - for creating ads with high volume on bought verified BM’s. It’s a jungle out there... let me know your recommendations! Also i think it’s best if the seller provides the buyer with the proxy...
  9. Mike Delgado

    Expert in Proxy + Multillogin + Luminati [Facebook Ads]

    Hi! Looking for a person, who actually succeeded using Multilogin and Luminati for Facebook Profiles/BM's, and is able to run high volume with that setup. I want to pay for the service to be guided, and someone that can answer my questions regarding how to set the proxies up, and other small...
  10. Mike Delgado

    Do you allow cookies on MultiLogin [Mimic Browser]

    Hi! When you create a MultiLogin profile and start the Mimic browser up, do you always go into settings and allow cookies, so it can save all the cookies, so it looks like a real browser to Facebook? I'm just trying to figure out why this is always deactivated from the start - even though in my...
  11. Mike Delgado

    Need to send newsletter to 300-500k customers NOW!

    Hi! I need someone who can send a lot of emails to our customers now. Our Mailchimp is really bad, and has a really ban inbox-landing. So i think someone with higher expertise than us, might give us better results. Should be done pretty fast. Got all the lists ready and the Mailchimp HTML...
  12. Mike Delgado

    What settings in Luminati for best FB results?

    Hi! What settings should you use for your proxy in Luminati for the best results using FB Business Manager? Best regards, See attached screenshot of my settings
  13. Mike Delgado

    Need Luminati/Multilogin expert (Will pay for it)

    Looking to hire an expert in Luminati and Multilogin. It's used for managing Business Managers/Profiles in different countries in Europe. Paying with PayPal and communication should be through Skype. Let me know, Thanks.
  14. Mike Delgado

    Want to hire a Proxy/Luminati/MultiLogin expert

    Hi guys & girls, I'm looking for a person with skills in terms of Proxy IP's / Luminatiand MultiLogin. We're using it for handling Business Managers in different locations in Europe. I will pay through PayPal etc. and communication is preferred via Skype. Let me know,
  15. Mike Delgado

    Residential IP Proxy or Mobile Proxy

    Hi! Currently using MultiLogin + Luminati. Right now we've bought som Bulgarian Business Managers that we want to use (because eeeeeeeeverything is getting closed right now). When i set up the Proxies for the profiles (one per profile) in Luminati, what is the best way: 1) Mobile Proxy...
  16. Mike Delgado

    Looking for E-mail service

    Hi! We want to push a newsletter this Sunday with a PRE BLACKFRIDAY offer, however, we've had some bad experience with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, might because our e-mail got flagged, and is ending in SPAM all the time now. Is it possible to "rent" yourself into one that has a good account, that will...
  17. Mike Delgado

    Aged FB BM without limit - is it even possible anymore?

    Hi guys & girls, Is it even possible to buy aged FB BM’s that is verified with no limit anymore? Or is that something you only could do in the good Old days... -.-
  18. Mike Delgado

    Easiest way to set up Private Proxy / VPS for Facebook ads?

    Hi guys & girls, What's the best and easiest way to set up a Private Proxy or VPS for running Facebook Ads, from the country where the Business Manager is from? We have major problems in terms of all our BM's, Ad Accounts, Profiles getting blocked. Best regards,
  19. Mike Delgado

    Facebook Top 3 Problems - Any suggestions?

    Hi, We're managing A LOT of BM's, and recently we've been closed and closed and closed and closed. We're selling white ecom products - no blackhat at all. We buy our Business Managers from different service-providers. All verified. We've had some luck when they ask for ID - but not everytime...
  20. Mike Delgado

    TransferWise & Revolut - tax?

    Hi guys, How does it work with TransferWise and Revolut. Do they report the amounts themselves to the national tax agency, or is it completely up to yourself? My first thought is that they prob. do register everything for you? Let’s say you Will have 50k USD transfererd to the account over a...