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  1. jsthsb

    Propeller Ads + CPA

    What's the open rate of the notifications like for you?
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    I am so happy guys

    Bruh, Nigeria is not predominantly Muslim..... more than half the people are Christian!
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    Deleted Domains List with Estibot Value - Daily Updates!

    That last list was good, some nice .com's for niche shops.
  4. jsthsb

    Deleted Domains List with Estibot Value - Daily Updates!

    you do realise that estibot value means nothing right? its like saying ive listed domains filtered based on the fact that my 3 year old can pronounce them.
  5. jsthsb

    Facebook just got transparent!

    Yeah its pretty weird. Can be good for some and bad for some. For anyone with a bigger company this cna be pretty tough because your competitora can easily spy on your marketing efforts. Not saying its a nightmare because the same can be done on tv and radio, but with regards to digital its kind...
  6. jsthsb

    Facebook just got transparent!

    Hi guys, Not sure if youve seen this, but you can now go to a FB page, in the left menu at the bottom it says Info and ads, and you can see all the ads that FB page is running and in which countries they are running!! Happy copying everybody!!
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    How to make the most impartial news service?

    Hi guys, Putting this in the lounge as its not really a money-making thread per se. My big passion is news and I'm always brainstorming on how to come up with a next level news service. I am wondering what the fine people of BHW think on how you could make a truly impartial news service. Would...
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    Idea of Site

    Start with a business plan, financial plan, etc... if it all makes sense you can pitch it to get funding & then hire developers to create it.
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    How to create our own Cryptocurrency?

    I like how he says he wants to create his own legacy, but then is asking someone else to do it for him. Are you a manager in your day job sir?
  10. jsthsb

    Mobile Phone App Installs

    I would suggest to at least have it on some app store, doesn't have to be Google Play, can be one of the alternatives. Then you can either run paid advertising to link to the install page or you can perhaps buy some articles on popular app-centered blogs/websites. And last you can perhaps do...
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    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    Yeah sms aint cheap brother
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    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    Its obviously going to cost you SMS credits to do this. You can either sign up with an online provider and buy credits and setup the sms in their portal. Alternative you sometimes get apps & such that send the message on your phone, but then you'd need a pretty big sms bundle from your provider...
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    Some people need it more than me

    No worries bud, was hoping it could help a few
  14. jsthsb

    Some people need it more than me

    No doesn't need it to rank, but if you do send backlinks it could probably rank even better
  15. jsthsb

    Some people need it more than me

    Yeah 100% bud, but thats like 95% of all methods here, how to make a buck based on exploits of a specific system/site. Anyways, this method might not be advanced. But maybe it will help someone.
  16. jsthsb

    Some people need it more than me

    Hey bud, I don't know if they are sincere or not, but some people might want to add this to their day routine, i don't know. It's not worth my time, like i mentioned in my post. I make my money elsewhere, but I tested this method and put it here so that someone else can maybe take it on and...
  17. jsthsb

    Some people need it more than me

    Hi all, Not sure if this would make any real contribution, but thought it would be worth sharing for those looking to make a few bucks. I have not gone and expand on this method, I've done 2 article posts so far and you could probably take it further. For me personally, it's not worth my time...
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    i will travel to europe in a few weeks

    OP you have nothing to worry about
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    Admob is giving 57% match rate, ideas to fill the rest?

    Yes you can do mediation inside admob, so you can sign up with other ad networks, who will approve you in no time due to your volumes. Alternatively you can set up your own campaigns inside admob as well, so perhaps sign up to some affiliate networks and find some nice offers that will do well...