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  1. Suang J

    [Blogging Journey] Niche Site Journey To Passive $1k/month (Already started)

    This seriously makes me jump and create a site. Amazing journey and results man. Thanks for sharing IT with us
  2. Suang J

    ██ Complete Amazon Affiliate Websites I Native Content I Paid Themes & Plugins I Starts @ $18 ██

    Yo! I would like to see a sample please and a discount code. Thanks
  3. Suang J

    [GET] Free Expired Domain Finder & tons of SEO tools - PHPSEO 2.0

    I want one! Amazing tool man
  4. Suang J

    (Question) Canonical Tags Using YOAST Plugin not working

    Hey guys, greetings from Kalimdor! I'm doing a SEO audit for an old site, and it's saying I got 30 duplicate titles and 30 meta description. They are all from a category.... I mean: And keep going till 30. I checked for the canonical tag...
  5. Suang J

    Help To Fix LCP issue: longer than 2.5s (mobile)

    I was researching to try to solve this early today, is pretty hard tbh, at least using wordpress.
  6. Suang J

    my adult cpa journey 2021 edition

    Try growing a FB Group/page then a Telegram Channel = profits (?) :suspicious:.
  7. Suang J

    My Mturk jouney to $5000 per month

    How much can you make per week based on working hours?
  8. Suang J

    [QUESTION] In regards to XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt file

    I saw a blog post long time ago where they explain this with more details. You're good only submiting the /sitemap_index.xml. the crawlers will do the rest. I have never ever got any problem with this tho
  9. Suang J

    Make £10 in 30 minutes every day ( with very little work)

    I need £10 in my bank first in order to do this. Here is a twist: If you pay £20 for gym, just dont go and do some work at home. That's £20 more in your bank acc.;)
  10. Suang J

    [Giveaway] Instagram Scraping Service for Everyone !!

    Hey OP. I'm interested if this is still up
  11. Suang J

    [Method] Earn $1000 Daily or More [Guarantee]

    Post questions using an aged account, and answering with the new acc using a vpn. Should be fine. I dont post constantly, my last answer was on 2019 and I get like 453 visits daily, totally passive. You can do this the legit way too. Will not it be more profitable in the long run?. If I...
  12. Suang J

    Editorial News Sites - Get Links from 90+ DA Domains - Forbes-Huffington-INC at Low Cost

    Can you send samples and price list, please?
  13. Suang J


    Yeah, pretty horrible. Working on getting better tho, kinda hard tho. Keep it up.
  14. Suang J

    Easy $500/m Profit Passive (Scalable)

    Hey OP. I have that same idea ringin´ in my head since last year but I'm not a US resident soo... rip I do know where you can find cheap micro worker for like 20$ a week, you need to train them but whatever, it may sound bad but people in my country(VE) would highly prefer working like 6h a day...
  15. Suang J

    [FREE] 100,000 Expired Tumblrs with backlinks (DA and TF)

    shoot me some non adult domains please!! thanks OP
  16. Suang J

    How can I increase domain authority ?

    You need quality backlinks, a nice and good On Page SEO, you need to make sure that your website is really mobile friendly and user friendly, more social signals and increase you page speed, gl op!
  17. Suang J


    I used to play Warmane a lot and I always got people whispering me things like: buy gold from And stuff like that. Check Warmane store, people is lazy and you can sell Hunter lvl 80 for 32 coins or something, then exchange those coins for gold and sell the gold maybe?. Also I...
  18. Suang J

    [Journey] Amazon affiliate / 7 sites from marketplace / Budget $400

    Nice, OP. I hope your earnings keep going up and up. You really inspired me to take some action, thanks
  19. Suang J

    Free Moz Accounts (Only 10)

    Count me in OP!
  20. Suang J

    3rd World Country SEO. Is it Worth to Rank on Google?

    Hi, black hatters' bros. A little of background first: I'm starting a SEO agency in my country (Latin America) and I'm doing a lot of free quality stuff to get some feedbacks and put my agency in the line. A local brand contact me and ask for recommendations. I decide to rank a website in...