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  1. tiiberius

    LINK Building importance in SEO

    At this point I feel like that website is a Collectors Edition of bad links. It has been under constant attack since 2017. Whether links, DDOS or other juice stuff.
  2. tiiberius

    Where can I get these Wordpress themes?

    Is it shared hosting? If so, that's your problem right there.
  3. tiiberius

    Any one facing google indexing issues these days?

    This has been happening for a while now actually. One of the issues was that search console was ignoring sitemap submissions.
  4. tiiberius

    Where can I get these Wordpress themes?

    That must be some of your plugins or server itself. Astra is among the fastest from my experience.
  5. tiiberius

    Using blogspot blogs as PBNs

    Relevance will be passed but very little juice and very little trust. Boost will be minimal. Even if you let them age still not much better. However, it is possible to get aged web 2.0 with links just like regular domains. You should consider that.
  6. tiiberius

    PBN Experts Needed

    Building all links by yourself would cost that much. That's why it's preferable to buy domain with existing link profile.
  7. tiiberius

    How are PBN's even Viable?

    Appropriate timing, anchor text and content surrounding it. Link like that can move page from #5 to #1-3 and double triple the traffic.
  8. tiiberius

    How are PBN's even Viable?

    If used right, that one link can make that investment back many times over.
  9. tiiberius

    Majestic is indexing my PBNs, even when I disallow the bot via robots.txt

    robots.txt is unreliable. Some honor it some do not. Block it via .htaccess
  10. tiiberius

    don't know if this is black hat or white hat

    I would say that's on the whiter side. As for the lists, search the forum. It has been shared many times.
  11. tiiberius

    [ADVICE] Web 2.0 PBN vs TLD PBN - Which is Better in 2021?

    I had trouble ranking for anything with slightly higher competition using web 2.0 network. And that was back in the day, can't image now. However, since you are on the budget, go for it. Start with lower competition keywords. You can even power it up with tier 2 links they should take it (don't...
  12. tiiberius

    How many times should I link from a PBN?

    I don't know any resource that covers this topic specifically. It is quite simple though. When you mention a fact, event etc you can cite a source. This source should ideally not be your competitor, be popular in your niche and cover the pic well. Attributes mentioned before apply.
  13. tiiberius

    Is This Link Harmful To My Sites?

    These aggregators are usually ignored by search engines.
  14. tiiberius

    Best and FAST optimized Wordpress/Woocommerce hosting?

    Just 2 months so far but it's plenty to check performance. I have been on their Shared plan for years and it was decent.
  15. tiiberius

    Best and FAST optimized Wordpress/Woocommerce hosting?

    I'm currently testing an unexpected one - BigScoots. So far, very good. And support is great.
  16. tiiberius

    PBN question : Would you buy an expired 35 or 40 DR domain ?

    Possibly. Those 10 links are probably strong. Most natural profiles have only handful of links giving it power.
  17. tiiberius

    According to latest Google Update.

    If they don't advertise publicly and their overall OBL is reasonable (don't make themselves obvious link farm) it is almost impossible to tell the link is paid. It's just regular editorial from outside look.
  18. tiiberius

    how can i change my IP address

    Use VPN or a browser like Epic.
  19. tiiberius

    How many times should I link from a PBN?

    Are you referring to authority sites linking? First of all, don't do Wikipedia. Authority sites in your niche should be well known but also do not compete for the same keywords. They usually have lot of traffic, links, high stats like DR and pop up for searches all over the place.