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  1. seoz87

    $1000 to invest in crypto

    Please advise what coins to buy ...for 6 months or 1 year period
  2. seoz87

    [JOURNEY] Amazon Affiliate Experiment

    Niches: Fishing Sleep Outdoor Sports Kitchen Lifestyle Project start Date = Jan Monetization = Amazon Affiliate Expense: 5 domains = $45.3 Content = $50 Hosting = $50 ( i have unlimited hsoting but just adding it on average) Total Fixed Expense = $150 SEO: Backlinks Packages (one time)= $50...
  3. seoz87

    Flippa Case Study & Experience

    So in the last couple of weeks, I finally experimented with Flippa. Last month one of my friends told me how a person sold a website with zero earning for $800 on Flippa. This was enough to reawaken my flame about making sites and sell on Flippa. So I checked my websites inventory and found...
  4. seoz87

    Your Pearls of Wisdom for a Satisfied Life

    There are lots of both successful and not-so successful entrepreneurs in this forum. But I bet there are people here who are living a content life because they have unlocked something that other people still don't have an idea or don't care about.. With time, every one of us has learned...
  5. seoz87

    What do you guys think?? (expired domain)

    I got this domain recently ... clean history no redirects same site was working on this domain till last year what do you guys recommend... 1. Redirect to a money site? 2. build a money site on it?
  6. seoz87

    [WTB] SEO/Digital Marketing Guest Post

    Need a highly niche SEO/Digital marketing blog post Quantity = 1 / D0folow Requirements: DA 40+ US Traffic Budget upto $50 (without content)
  7. seoz87

    Help Needed - How to scrape facebook group posts with images

    hi there I want to scrape posts of a facebook group any idea on how I can do that?
  8. seoz87

    [WTB] Looking for Local Guest Posts

    Hi there I am looking for local blogs with following requirements 1. Local Orlando or Florida 2. Niche = Any 3. HTTPS 4. Traffic = 100 Budget per post = $40 - $50
  9. seoz87

    [WTB] Business/General/Finance Guest Posts

    Hello there As the title suggest, I am looking for posts in the aforementioned categories with following requirements 1. DA40+ 2. Ahrefs Traffic 1000+ (US should be the first traffic source) Budget per Post (with content) = $40 Regards p.s. i have used 1000 sites so there is always a...
  10. seoz87

    [WTB] Guest Post Local Blogs

    Hi there, I need local blogs in ORLANDO and VEGAS Requriements: 1. HTTPS 2. 100 + Traffic That's it. I have good budget but it should be around $40 - $45 per post No DR or DA required. But the site should be 100% local
  11. seoz87

    Looking for DA40 DA50 Guest Posts - Read Carefully

    Hello there I am looking to buy DA 40+ DA50+ guest posts with following requirements 1. Niche = Business / General / Tech 2. ******** 3. Ahref Traffic = 300+ month 4. DA 40 / DA50 Budget = $25 - $45 ($5 extra if you write content) need 50 sites. I have already used 500 sites so I need sites...
  12. seoz87

    Looking for Outreacher

    Hi there I need an Australian outreaching expert or guest post provider in multiple niches as per the following requirements 1. AU Based sites 2. DR 15+ min 3. Price range $25 - $40 (based on DR) 4. TAT = 48 hrs max 5. Content will be provided by us payment = paypal
  13. seoz87

    Who are the Famous black hat seo's who publishes blogs?

    So someone throw that question to me recently and i didnt know... So whats the best place to ask the question than BHW.. So do you guys knows any famous or non famous black hat seo's who blogs or attend seo conferences ?
  14. seoz87

    [FREE] Guest Post DA19 / DR 21 / 3.1K Traffic Tech Blog

    Hi there, As the title says, I`m offering free guest post opportunity on one of my tech & gaming blog. DA: 19 Dr: 21 Traffic: 3.4K Requirments: Topic: I'll Suggest the Topic - Send me your website and I ll suggest the relevant topic 1000 words researched and unique content (ill check...
  15. seoz87

    Opinion/Suggestion Needed - Expired Domain

    Hello everyone, So I need a little bit of perspective & opinion from BHW experts regarding how one should consider an expired domain as a quality expired domain. Here is an example. I found this domain and its available for regular registration fee i.e. $10 Check its backlink stats and...
  16. seoz87

    Case Study - Expired Domains 301 Experiment

    For a client's site, I recently implemented the 301 redirect...following are the results and details of experiment..enjoy. Site Niche = Academic Site Approach or Logic behind the 301 Redirect: A single link from top domains like worth thousands of dollars. If we can find an expired...
  17. seoz87

    Press release service recommendation required

    Hi there can any one recommend any press release service which offers only Dofoll0w and Google indexable press release submission? Most of the news sites now either uses Noindex tag on press releases or block the entire sub domain/directory for Google by robots.txt essentially they are...
  18. seoz87

    Negative SEO Example - Intentional or Error ?

    One of the client site I was working on lately started to rank pretty well. Its been 2 months now since it started regaining its rankings after being thrashed by a couple of google algorithmic penalty in December. So a couple of weeks ago, I started to see some porn related keywords in Ahref...
  19. seoz87

    Youtube monetization requirements - Video types?

    hi there. So i am thinking of experimenting with youtube earnings as a some people i know earning atleast $2k per month from their 1 channel only. They have 20 plus channels its a good amount in the end I need help with following questions, if anyone has experience with youtube 1. Do...
  20. seoz87

    Looking for LinkedIn Profiles

    Hi there I am looking for 50 - 100 linked profiles with separate email ids for each account please let me know the charges per account