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  1. Highr0ll34

    NFT sites are booming

    NFT sites - you collect digital assets (whatever - cards, tokens, pictures) that have actual value in digital currency. Do I understand it correctly ?
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    Post your Pet

    Some good looking white pussy of mine.
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    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    Leave her alone man.
  4. Highr0ll34

    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    Including a SIMP word at any point in any conversation tags you as a virgin by default. You might have just played your self there...
  5. Highr0ll34

    Do not Gamble!Advice needed. I am totally broke atm

    What causes you to gamble? Do you do drugs? Coke and speed tend to be common factors that get you hooked on slots. If so, don't do drugs, it was my case. The moment I did sniff I started spinning and its crazy how stupid your brain is while you spend your last money that you just got paid and...
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    Hookers are weakness thats hard to resist

    You must have some kind of wrong perception about 'hookers' probably from movies. Let me tell you some facts about the world of pay to fuck from my experience in dealings with girls. I don't have a girlfriend because I lack empathy. After a fuck I start looking for 'shut the fuck up' button so...
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    Does she like me?

    Google it.
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    Question about porn tube site

    If SEO and content is done solid then the only thing that holds your traffic down is number of HQ back-links you have.
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    Thats end of porn re-upload...

    On the plus side smaller niche porn websites will be sought after more than ever, opportunities are there. Downside tho, millions of videos people used to embed PH content on their own sites are now broken links - I wonder what the long term seo effect of this gonna be. This has to be the...
  10. Highr0ll34

    ePayments f****d up

    Good to know. Are you local to epayments or abroad?
  11. Highr0ll34

    Thats end of porn re-upload...

    PH did it because they been accused by Visa & Mastercard of hosting child pornography content. Said brands stopped providing their services to PH while under the investigation. I am guessing that they had no choice.
  12. Highr0ll34

    ePayments f****d up

    From what I know they unfreezing corporate accounts first, then locals then the international ones. I've got 1,2k$ chilling in the wallet since the DDay.
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Lospollos dating tab
  14. Highr0ll34

    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Pornhub bites the dust
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    Is it just me or anyone else too find the normal way of living absolutely boring?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with you, in fact, it's a huge advantage over other types of personality. I have very similar personality. Don't look up to anyone, no role model. Very few people I can call friends In my head I always seem to not be bothered by 95% of people I come...
  16. Highr0ll34

    making $5 a day

    How to make 5$ a day sounds simple yet its not, once you start getting into IM there's one thing after another that that you don't know or need to learn many more similar examples after that. The key is to find something that you enjoy as its the crucial factor to "keeping you going". Name...
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    What server configuration for a static website (adult tube)?

    Hardware - if you gonna store videos on your end its advised to use 2 servers. Storage server (16/32G Intel Xeon 4t/8t) for obviously storing videos and VPS server to handle traffic (8V core 16/32G ram and at least 1GBs dedicated port) Webserver - Debian with Nginx as front cache and Apache...
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    You know you're officially a true internet marketer when...

    You hear people complaining about not being able to go out and stuff because of lock-down and global pandemic and to you its like the natural habitat.
  19. Highr0ll34

    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    The ad level depends on what you give in return - I use the formula: Is it easier for the user to watch an AD or leave and Google another site.