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  1. Tecnoloquitos

    I need to generate a database through facebook groups

    Hello I was trying to generate a database though facebook groups, i spent near 48 hours setting everything up on "foxbots" it worked like a charm but the program has an error exporting the database (Bad programming, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM) anyway, I lost a lot of time, and I need...
  2. Tecnoloquitos

    Looking for whastapp sender service

    hello i have database with numbers i would like to send a video to those numbers maybe its 5k to 10k contacts, is it posible? Pm me your rates :) thanks!
  3. Tecnoloquitos

    Reputation management services

    Hello I have a client who needs to burry 1 bad news from googles first page. or even better delete the article. paypal payment only
  4. Tecnoloquitos

    Facebook poll votes good payment

    Hello, I need 9k votes on a facebook poll there's 3 days left I can pay good good money Thanks!
  5. Tecnoloquitos

    I have this fake article about a client I want it gone from 1st page

    If possible I want to remove it! But If anyone is able to move it to second page on google i would be glad. the article shows when you type the Name of my client on google good payment
  6. Tecnoloquitos

    paying 200$ for 1000 facebook poll votes

    The delivery time is 12 hours or so Can anyone provide this service??
  7. Tecnoloquitos

    I need facebook poll votes urgent!

    As the tittle says i need poll votes on facebook I tried with some smm and theres no service idk why
  8. Tecnoloquitos

    Am I near a gold mine?

    Hello everyone, There's a new app comming to my country similar to uber eats. I have some instagram influencers that I helped growing up with this particular one I have an 50/50 deal, the owner of this company offered to my influencer to give him a code... and everytime someone uses his code to...
  9. Tecnoloquitos

    I have a 30k organic fortnite account

    Hello Everyone, I read a couple books about IG and a while Ago (Almost a year) I started this instagram account with fortnite content, now the profile has 30k followers. What do you guys recommend me to gain some money of this account I'll be glad to hear some advice. Thanks in advance
  10. Tecnoloquitos

    facebook poll votes

    hi does anyone offer facebook poll votes?? theres 6 days to complete
  11. Tecnoloquitos

    Every account Im buying its getting blocked why?

    Hello, I need some help here. I purchased a lot of accounts from a lot of providers. Aged accounts(2years), fresh accounts(2months), And I tried creating my own. And heres what happened: Created by me.- It lets me use the accounts and after some time or after I login again get blocked...
  12. Tecnoloquitos

    Looking for guides or ebooks to learn

    Hello guys, I've been a member since quite some time now, I have always liked this activities and I learned a lot on the forum Thanks for that to all of you I have some experience with twitter ( I've created maybe 400 accounts in the past few years ) and maybe 200 on facebook. (I dont have...
  13. Tecnoloquitos

    Spain Followers on twitter

    Hi, I need Spain, Spanish, Hispanic followers on twitter with drip feed (20 Daily) I can pay good good money. Can someone help me?
  14. Tecnoloquitos

    Followback software

    Hi, I am using followliker twitter to retweet, tweet, follow, unfollow but I can't find an option to followback can anybody give me some hints thanks forum!
  15. Tecnoloquitos

    Twitter Votes

    Hello guys, I need a service on twitter votes for poles, i had a regular provider but it's not answering :( Who can provide 2k votes in 8 hours? I have 25$ on my budget for this
  16. Tecnoloquitos

    How many users of social profiles are in my town?

    Hi, I need some data on how many users of facebook, twitter and instagram are in my town (age, sex, activity) Exact numbers not audience-insights numbers Can someone help me here?
  17. Tecnoloquitos

    NEED TO BUY twitter account from agust 2017! 10$ each

    Hi I need 1 account (twitter and Facebook) created on agust 2017 I will pay you 10$ each regards
  18. Tecnoloquitos

    Twitter account and facebook account from Agust

    Hi I need 1 account (twitter and Facebook) created on agust 2017 I will pay you 10$ each regards
  19. Tecnoloquitos

    Need 1000 votes in twitter poll

    Hello I need help with a twitter poll 1000-1200 votes Time left: 9 hours Budget: 80$
  20. Tecnoloquitos

    Need 100 facebook post likes in 3 hours from now

    Well the tittle says it all! Someone Anybody? Thanks :)