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  1. Predator965

    Discussing about a scamming site

    Obviously i won't link it , but i want to talk to you about the idea behind it Basically i tried a site where everything you do to gain money was completing a four numbers captcha (under the captcha there were ads) , just by writing the four numbers in the image , and everytime you completed...
  2. Predator965

    What can i buy and sell to get a profit ?

    Is there something that is really requested , around ?
  3. Predator965

    $15 to invest ... lol.

    As you see , i'm still here despite all the failures ! The news is that i now have $15 on PayPal that i can invest. Can you guys suggest me some ways to invest them in a way i can earn again ? I was thinking about betting but it's too dangerous ....
  4. Predator965

    OGAds : do you guys have knowledge about this method ?

    This is a very interesting page that i've found on OGAds If i understand , it's basically a page where you can share these products and get % of money if you manage to sell them , is it correct guys ? Do you think it's a profitable method ?
  5. Predator965

    What's the difference between landing page and content locker ?

    CPA related. Sorry for the ignorance. I'm still trying to make it work lol What's the difference between them ? You get click+conversion from both of them or no ? And a last question ... what really makes you get 1 conversion ?
  6. Predator965

    I need views for my video , how can i do it ?

    I had an idea and i need views to a video ... but i can't find working bots. Youtube doesn't count bot views. AddMeFast is down as well ... (for days) What do you suggest me to do ? Can't invest anything , i have nothing lol
  7. Predator965

    CPA , need help :D

    I finally managed to get approved on OGADS. Now i have no idea how this should be done :D Do i have to pick an offer and link it in my youtube videos ? I'm stuck in the main page lol. I have more than 50 videos ready to be uploaded ...
  8. Predator965

    CPA + Youtube , does it really work ?

    I'm ready. I will upload 30 videos a day on Youtube and i will use ogads. but can you really earn money from it , in your opinion ? Do you guys have some proof about it
  9. Predator965

    The problem of some PPC sites

    I have found that the problem of various pay per click sites is that accessing to the content ( so you can gain 1 view ) is very hard , am i the only one who see this ? I mean , thousands of captchas and new pages ...
  10. Predator965

    Opinions on my latest idea ?

    1) Create a Youtube video with only a white image saying "Best song ever , check the description to discover the name !!!" 2)Put in the description the URL of one of the sites that pays you 20$ for every 1000 views , with "Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up" shorten url video in it 3)Find a...
  11. Predator965

    What's a legit working method for a newbie ?

    Do you know where can i start from ? For my first method sadly i can't invest anything I tried Cashcrate , selling ebooks , teespring , G2A goldmine , but nothing worked :| I already searched on google but i'd still like some tips , because a lot of methods seems for elite people and some of...
  12. Predator965

    Hi !

    Just joined the forum :D