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  1. Strawberry John

    What is Your 5$ - 10$ per Day Method that was Earning For Years!

    By that you mean having a blog with a lot of traffic and running ads on it?
  2. Strawberry John

    What is Your 5$ - 10$ per Day Method that was Earning For Years!

    I'm scalping Ethereum on Bitmex for 5$-15$ / day. Altough sometimes 2 weeks work get wiped in 5 minutes. But this is just to keep me busy so I don't mess with my bigger trades.
  3. Strawberry John

    100$ per day [ACHIEVED] thanks BHW!

    congrats! may you scale it up as much as you want to :P. Now, I have one question. You're getting 100$/day from only one place, or multiple projects? Thanks :)
  4. Strawberry John

    A beginner's shopify journey.

    Hey @s1mer, hope things sort out well for yourself. I went through a similar journey like you, seeing a lot of very bad websites and thinking well, it should be fairly easy to beat these idiots lol. Thanks a lot for this thread, that checklist on the first page is really good. @mhtro Oh yeah...
  5. Strawberry John

    A beginner's shopify journey.

    / What's pod dopshipping?
  6. Strawberry John

    #1 Biggest Mistake Online Start-up eCommerce Stores Make

    Thanks a lot for all the info, can I PM you my website?
  7. Strawberry John

    Instagram journey to 1k€/month

    Some mobile carriers are giving away free SIM cards with nothing on them, perfect for SMS Verification, if you ever need some other method, go ask around. Following your journey, I also recently started a botted account for my dropship store and I realized I should use my Jarvee subscribtion at...
  8. Strawberry John

    [Journey] Making $100 a month with Affiliate Marketing

    Good luck fellow newbie! Following this - as I'm also about to start my journey but I can't choose between Instagram account growing vs Affilitate Marketing. Although, I think I'll start with IG cause that can also be a platform for Affiliate. Anyway, good luck to you again and looking forward...
  9. Strawberry John

    Crypto’s 80% Plunge

    Yeah, cause phones were used everywhere 10 years after they were invented. Same with the internet, everyone was on Facebook from Day 1! Do you understand anything about the fundamentals of Bitcoin? Ever researched it? It IS internet money. Internet money without an intermediary. And even MORE...
  10. Strawberry John

    What are you listening to right now?

    If you're into tech house, minimal, micro house and variations of this genres, check out Romanian artists like Raresh, Cristi Cons, Sublee, Barac, Mihai Pol etc. I'm not allowed to post links yet but I recommend Cristi Cons - Birds in Space, Mihai Pol - Quasar and Amorf - Blending Light as a...
  11. Strawberry John

    Creating a Website That Makes Money: Day 1

    Man, I have so many friends that know how to design and build websites, yet they work for someone else and get payed so little. I try to tell them about BHW and ways to do more with their skills but they are simply to ingrained or something, idk. Looking forward to your updates OP, will link...
  12. Strawberry John


    Yeah, i'm going to the countryside this week and I'll try to get more ideas flowing. The one thing I'm most scared of is getting my main account banned(the one made for my shop), as I've seen a lot of people having problems with proxies..
  13. Strawberry John


    Hi Wik! Newbie here as well. Welcome to the forum! What are your plans w/ the 5 IG accounts? I've bought Jarvee to grow my dropshipping IG and Pinterest acount and I got like 8 social accounts left on this license, but I'm looking for more creative ways to use them then "grow it and ask money...
  14. Strawberry John

    [Giveaway] I'm giving away 20 free logos to first 20 that comment

    wonderful offer, thanks. will PM tomorrow, i'm off to sleep now
  15. Strawberry John

    What are the best tools for trading cryptocurrency ?

    I recommend "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas - helped me a lot with emotions. YouTube is full of people who claim to know a lot but actually... they don't know shit. It's very easy to get misleaded by someone who only started trading in the 4 year bull market we had. If you want to learn...
  16. Strawberry John

    What are the best tools for trading cryptocurrency ?

    Bollinger Bands are also a good indicator, and I'm sure there are other. For my, and from my experience, I can read in the EMAs the info BB would provide. It all boils down to what you like most, really. But you have to master them to trade profitable. You have to understand market cycles and...
  17. Strawberry John

    #1 Biggest Mistake Online Start-up eCommerce Stores Make

    Damn, thanks a lot for opening my eyes regarding this! I just opened an aliexpress dropshipping store but it's just to get my feet wet. I thought I chose a good enough niche but now it's clear that i'm waaay to wide. I was already planning on getting rid of aliexpress products cause i just...
  18. Strawberry John

    What are the best tools for trading cryptocurrency ?

    Hi! From my experience, all you need is mastering EMAs, RSI and Stochastics. Sometimes Fibonacci retracements can be used but theres no NEED for them. Oh, and the MOST important tool for a trader is Horizontal Support and Resistance. Fortunes can be made with only S/R trades.
  19. Strawberry John

    TUTORIAL. How I Am Trading Cryptos And Getting Profitable Trades 98% Of The Time.

    It would be nice if you would also give credit to the one who made this method available, which is Quickfingers Luc. It really is a good method for pretty safe trades, but you have to really understand it and, as always with trading, CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. Also, Techinal Analysis is as simple...
  20. Strawberry John


    It's been a while since i knew about this forum but I never actually had time to dive deep. I am now a full-time crypto trader and since I actually learned to trade, I only do 4-5 trades per month and it's enough to live good, so I can have time to follow other passions. I'm here to learn from...