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  1. ranjim

    Dropped/expiring foreign domains for PBN query

    Been on the hunt for good dropped/expiring foreign domains lately. Client is adamant on finding only domains from the country where the PBN will be used (french domains for french keywords for example.) Is there a site/service that specializes on foreign domain drop catching? Or is there a...
  2. ranjim

    Expired Article Hunter problem

    Is anyone currently using EAH and having trouble scraping domains using the built-in scraper via the API? Currently using private proxies and on a VPS but still to no avail. Emailed the developer lots of times this month and no replies. Hoping someone could shed a light on...
  3. ranjim

    How do you make your Tumblrs stick?

    I have Autofill Magic. Used private proxies (squid) and registered expired tumblrs on a separate profile per proxy a few weeks back. I customized the themes but I only made 1 post on most of them. I'm checking them now most of them have been deleted. Is that enough for them to be removed? Is VPN...
  4. ranjim

    Can't Register Expired Tumblrs

    Been scraping a lot of tumblrs lately using scrapebox and their vanity checker. They show as available and they are indeed 404s when I check them manually but when I try to register them they have already been taken? Why is this so? Some of the tumblrs I'm talking about: (available as of the...
  5. ranjim

    Game of Thrones of Local SEO

  6. ranjim

    Found this Ho Hey song parody really catchy

    Write for human beings, not for the machines to get leads Write for human beings, not for the machines to succeed
  7. ranjim

    All ads eligible but still no clicks

    It's been about 2 weeks since my ads became live. I still get no clicks. I CPCs are higher than the average CPC. Ads are very relevant to the keywords I'm using. What am I doing wrong?
  8. ranjim

    Site got hacked. What to do?

    "Suspected hacking Google has detected that some of your pages may contain hidden text or cloaking, techniques that are outside our Webmaster Guidelines. Specifically, we detected that your site may have been modified by a third party. Typically, the offending party gains access to an...
  9. ranjim

    How do you guys rank Facebook pages/Amazon Product pages?

    Knowing the two are parasites, what would be the good amount of links per day and what engines to use? I know it will take a while (weeks/months). I just want to build it slowly. I have GSA SER and CB. Currently running a campaign with 150 links a day. Is this too much? Anchor text diversity:
  10. ranjim

    How long until amazon product pages get indexed?

    Currently running a campaign in GSA to rank an amazon product page? About 150-200 links a day. How long does it usually take for them to be indexed? Is my link velocity too much?
  11. ranjim

    Question for Product Vendors

    What do you put in your landing pages? Was it a result of research, experiments, split-testing or just something you think is best for your product?
  12. ranjim

    Local SEO query

    Is doing citations the only method in ranking in Local SEO? And can you rank businesses without being registered in Google Places for Business yet?
  13. ranjim

    Cheapest VPS to run SB, GSA?

    Hi, guys. Would like to know of any good $5-15 VPS to run my SB on (and hopefully GSA soon). Currently scraping and I find my current is connection is slow and a vps would do the trick. Also I would use this to gather up my proxies for SB use. Thanks!
  14. ranjim

    Do I need proxies for this?

    I plan to manually create 2.0s as tier 1 links for my sites. Do I need proxies on my browser for this? Another question. Aside from 2.0s what things can be done with quality as tier 1 links? Thanks! :)
  15. ranjim

    What would you guys do?

    Tried to bring back a site since hiatus and this is what SERPs tell me. Was ranking in page 1 in google before I stopped updating it. This applies to all of the other keywords as well. They only got ranked in Yahoo and Bing. I found "suspicious" links using SEOprofiler. Do I disavow them...
  16. ranjim

    Dancing SERPS

    Was staying at ranks 4-5 for 2 months then my rankings suddenly dropped last July 20. Before that I bought a web 2.0 service from one of the BSTs here. Besides that, all I did was a paid press release, niche-related forums and high PR bookmarks. Is this solvable? If so, what do you recommend i...
  17. ranjim

    MNS or authority site?

    got about 200$ to spend. either a bunch of MNS or 1 authority site . planning to outsource everything (site making, keyword, articles, seo). any advice, tips, BSTs you recommend, guys? thanks! :) P.S im not looking for easy/fast cash. i can wait and reap the benefits later. just wanted to know...
  18. ranjim

    Are MNS still profitable?

    just got back from a long break in IM and wanted to start afresh and wondered if MNS are still profitable? i dont have the time to do them myself, though. so im gonna outsource the making of sites on services here in BHW also the seo part as well. im hoping on a passive income stream (from...
  19. ranjim

    need help: real facebook fans/twitter followers

    I'm planning on making an fb page/twitter account to monetize on later in the feature. Where do I get/buy legit fans/followers to start this? Would fiverr do? thanks. :)
  20. ranjim

    need adfoc autopilot help

    somebody posted an autopilot method on making $$ daily using hitleap + adfoc a few days ago. but i think it got removed because of his aff link. can anybody put the steps here instead? thanks! :)