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  1. smakabigmac

    YouTube Re-Used Content Re-Application

    Thanks for the tip about the endcards I didn't think about that. YouTube is confusing sometimes because certain channels can get approved with reused content. I guess it depends on the reviewer.
  2. smakabigmac

    YouTube Re-Used Content Re-Application

    No copyright strickes. Just demonitised for reused content, happens all of the time to people.
  3. smakabigmac

    YouTube Re-Used Content Re-Application

    I recently got demonitised for having reused content on my YouTube channel. I understand why the content was deemed 'reused' as it didn't have any voiceovers. I have 30 or so of these videos which are considered 'Reused' and are bringing in 1 million views per month. If I were to upload the next...
  4. smakabigmac

    [YouTube Viral Video Empire Part 2] “Cash Cow” vs. Film Journey to 50k/ Month

    Hey I can't find the cash cow channe you mentioned "The Scenest".
  5. smakabigmac

    [YouTube Viral Video Empire] Journey to 30k/Month with Adsense

    I haven't had any issues at this stage.
  6. smakabigmac

    [YouTube Viral Video Empire] Journey to 30k/Month with Adsense

    Thank you for the amazing thread it's been incredibly helpful. Quick question. I have a channel pulling in 4 millions views per month in the fitness niche. ' My CPM is $4.21 but my RPM is only $0.60. Any idea why this is so low? All of my videos are monetize but I'm only making arounf $2.5 - 3k...
  7. smakabigmac

    Serprising - Possibly The Best Content Writing Thread On BHW - 6+ Years - Free Review Copies

    Very happy with my order. It came in quickly and the writing was very high-quality much better than expected. Will use these guys for my money sites in the future.
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    Looking for someone who can still run this method after Instagram's June updates. No scammers, I will require evidence before I proceed! Could be a long term relationship and I have a chit ton of clients clamouring for this method daily.
  9. smakabigmac

    How many accounts per home IP with just reposting?

    I always hear that you should not go over 5 account on IG on your home IP. I assume this is in regard to accounts with lots of actions. In the past I managed over 10 accounts doing follow/unfollow with no issues, I know things have changed but I was wondering. If I had lets say 20 accounts...
  10. smakabigmac

    [Method] mother/child accs trial for clients

    This is a dope idea my man! Thanks.
  11. smakabigmac

    link in bio question

    Yeah you can get away with it using linkt.ree as it acts like a landing page!
  12. smakabigmac

    Where to find a step by step process of mother child/slave account creation method

    Just do a google search! lots of posts from MP social and BHW. The best I found was an article called "The Mother Slave Method exposed" or something like that!
  13. smakabigmac

    Domain sold for $30 Million

    Well ain't that some S****
  14. smakabigmac

    I can't believe this video has millions views

  15. smakabigmac

    [METHOD] Rank your videos on YouTube like a Pro

    Thanks! This is a dope idea. Going to try it out.
  16. smakabigmac

    I think Youtube is Impossible

    It's become a bigger grind over the years tbh. Too much competition.
  17. smakabigmac

    For those that own 1000 sim cards

    Any other cheap sims that are activated like Lyca?
  18. smakabigmac

    Phone verification problem

    Yes verify via EB and use a real sim. Don't veryify more than 3 times in one day on the same account. Chances are it will get got.
  19. smakabigmac

    does anyone still get blocked today after 5 june ?

    Some of my accounts are still blocked, others are back homie. Settings reduced like crazy after blocks tho.