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  1. plottsch

    My CPA died and I want to sue him

    My old CPA died and I wish I could sue him for being a complete idiot. I just started doing my taxes with my new CPA and she tells me I have way overpaid the IRS last year in quarterly taxes. I was honestly paying my share on the taxable income I generated in each quarter. The goal was to keep...
  2. plottsch

    How Much Is Enough Data? (Google PageSpeed Insights)

    If you've used Google's PageSpeed Insights, you've probably seen: "The Chrome User Experience Report does not have sufficient real-world speed data for this page." I thought it would be a good resource to discuss here: How much is enough "real-world speed data"? What's the highest traffic...
  3. plottsch

    Determining Valuation For a Blog? (full site, not just backlink)

    Many of you have probably thought about buying entire blogs instead of links. I wanted to start a discussion on blog valuation and get some advice. There's a blog that publishes top 10 lists (no it's not my blog). Here are the stats: 20k monthly search traffic est (ubersuggest) Ahrefs 32 DR...
  4. plottsch

    How much would you pay for Chamber of Commerce Links

    It seems like an easy white hat method of buying links (and maybe a small amount of traffic) for local businesses is via chamber of commerce. I recommended a client of mine to register in their home city (the first one). They asked me about other cities and I said I'd do more research. So, how...
  5. plottsch

    Send 500-1000 Emails For Me in September

    Hi, As part of my job, I have to send emails to many people. They have to be personalized slightly but I have a simple template that you can use. Budget: Depends on what you can offer. $1000 +- $500 Timeframe: 1 month, slower after that. At the minimum, I need you to send an email to each...
  6. plottsch

    Automatic LinkedIn Post Likes

    Looking for a service that gives me ~5 likes per post every time I post. I know that I can get 500 likes at one time for $40. I would be willing to pay more to get 5 likes automatically for 100 posts. If you can't do this, I'd appreciate advice or referrals to someone who can.
  7. plottsch

    FB Demographics Most Likely to Sign Up For Email

    Hey y'all, From your experience, what demographics/interest/behavior on Facebook are most likely to sign up for an email list after seeing an ad? I'm bidding on a client and the goal is to get the highest number of sign-ups with a $100 test budget. Any specific ideas?
  8. plottsch

    [HAF] Deliver 5K REAL IG followers in the self-improvement/young professionals niche

    Details: Long time-frame. I don't care if it takes until August REAL followers who will engage my content (lots of motivational quotes targeted at college students and young professionals) Suggest your plan and price quote in PM or by replying below.
  9. plottsch

    How much to charge for 1hr of speaking? (weird)

    Recently got asked to speak at a bar mitzvah for the daughter of an acquaintance from work. They want me to speak to 500 teenage girls for 1 HOUR...even though I have ZERO experience public speaking outside of professional/business settings. How much should I charge him?
  10. plottsch

    Caffeine Content In Common Drinks (Red Bull's is Surprising)

    Thought this would be interesting to post since I assume most of us need a little boost in the morning. Today I asked for my usual 5 shots of espresso and the barista asked me if something was wrong. I didn't think it was that much, so I did some research today. Here's what I found: Per shot...
  11. plottsch

    I WANT YOUR OPINION: Best Video Ad Ever Seen

    I've made effective in the past, but I want to take it to the next level. Looking for inspiration and want your opinion: what's the best video ad you've ever seen? You can either describe it or send me a link.
  12. plottsch

    How much should a good back massage cost?

    I have been getting bank pains and want something affordable, but I'm tired of the horrible massages that the typical girl gives you in bed (so weak!) For those of you who have needed to get a massage in the US, how much did it cost? .
  13. plottsch

    What's Up with these thirsty Fiverr sellers?

    "Are you three sir?" I have worked with some very professional people on Fiverr and have a lot of respect for them. But what the heck is this? They're worse than a jealous ex-girlfriend. Five messages--in 15 minutes!
  14. plottsch

    How did you find your expertise (focus)?

    (Mods, I don't know where these questions belong--feel free to move thread.) Background: I'm involved with 15+ major ventures/clients in different areas. I'm a full-time student, have a bunch of shit going on with the IRS. I'm about to spend a month recruiting for a "real job", and will...
  15. plottsch

    Do you write content first and then release website?

    Curious about something. When y'all start a new site, do you write a bunch of content first, then release the website? OR do you release the website, then add content as time goes on?
  16. plottsch

    Amazon gets into Blockchain, joins Facebook

    Founder of Ethereum blockchain Joseph Lubin calls it is a "heavy duty" move. 5 HOURS AGO: Amazon teams up with startup Kaleido to help AWS clients more easily use transaction-recording tech using blockchain technology, joining recent efforts by Facebook and Microsoft. Source...
  17. plottsch

    NEVER change the forum design style

    Hello lads! Here are some great stories from the past week This morning, I woke up early and started working on my laptop. Right when I switched to BHW for 5 minutes, the girl I was sleeping with wakes up, looks at me, says I look like a "international drug lord" and begs for round two. I was...
  18. plottsch

    Can you be sued for using impersonations in ad?

    One of my clients used a Donald Trump impression in a Facebook video ad. I know he won't get sued for that specifically but it got me thinking... Is there any history of someone being sued for commercially using a celebrity's impersonated voice?
  19. plottsch

    What happens when call centers start using Google Assistant

    This is Google demonstrating how its new Google assistant software, basically a speech based AI that calls for you. What happens when call centers themselves start using this technology for call marketing? Thoughts...
  20. plottsch

    Want 300 likes on a word on UrbanDictionary

    QUICK PROJECT. UD doesn't require you to make an account. I give you URL to UD definition You use bots/manual/whatever to get 300+ likes You get $15 for the job.