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  1. Scorpion Ghost

    Do accountants really have secret tips to save taxes?

    My accountant is the best. His name is Wesley Snipes AKA Blade. Total badass.
  2. Scorpion Ghost

    Making money with YouTube

    Make videos promoting stuff, affiliate links, referral links, or something that you sell.
  3. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    Okay, let's see here... Not sure what the difference is. Most of the extensions I'd like to use with Palemoon are custom made. They're pretty small extensions, nothing complicated. And they all work with Firefox v55 that I'm using. Okay, for user agent I used an extension called "User Agent...
  4. Scorpion Ghost

    do you think aliens exist?

    I was an alien for a large part of my life, sometimes legal sometimes illegal. But it went on for too long, and so i became a permanent alien, even if im on my homeplanet among my species. And now im alien. So my answer is yes, definitely exist.
  5. Scorpion Ghost

    Why Fish Live In The Sea?

    Because theyre smart. Every animal that lives on land is either in a cage, extinct or on the endangered species list. But fish figured out whats coming long ago, and decided the sea is their best chance for freedom and conitnual survival. The leader of fish is @Willyfish . He is the fishest...
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    Yeah it's pretty good, I just started using it yesterday and so far so good. Definitely using less memory than Firefox. Do you know anything about extensions? I have some Firefox extensions I'd like to use with Palemoon, but I can't install them. But these extensions are old and I'm sure they...
  7. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    You use Mac? I've set up some stuff for Mac users in the past a couple of times, you know, through anydesk. I don't like Mac. Because I don't know Mac. What takes me 15 minutes to set up with Windows takes me an hour on Mac, and I need assistance because I can't do the simplest things, minimize...
  8. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    ahahahhaaha Just a FUCKed up saying of saying I did a Google search. I did a googlefuck :D :p :D :p
  9. Scorpion Ghost

    Opinions on Palemoon?

    So I set up about 20 Palemoons on a computer running 40 browsers. The other 20 are Firefox. It ran almost all day yesterday, and today the PC restarted about 30 minutes ago, and it's all good. Here is how task manager looks, for comparison if anyone cares: Firefox version 55.0.2 Palemoon...
  10. Scorpion Ghost

    Do you wear t-shirts at office ?

    Yeah at my office also naked. Its requirement in my office only naked people allowed. This is why i work alone, no one wants to work naked. But rules are rules, i cant just change the rules. I dont make the rules. I just think them up and write them down.
  11. Scorpion Ghost

    After 8 months, I was demonetized

    A perfect example why i never pursued youtube montization as a method of making money. I did have a monetized channel right around the time youtube changed the rules for monetization, and i know its an awsome feeling the money adding up passively from all your videos. But in the end, they...
  12. Scorpion Ghost

    Delete page followers

    Why would you wanna delete anyone? You have a solid base, a decent number, so just build on that by getting your new followers to be in the language you want.
  13. Scorpion Ghost

    Is it right time to invest in crypto now?

    Bro heres what you do. 1) You buy 2) Wait 100 years 3) You die
  14. Scorpion Ghost

    What would you say is the fastest way to make money online?

    No i know what email is. I have a yahoo. I send email, i receive email, i check spam folder. I am email expert.
  15. Scorpion Ghost

    What would you say is the fastest way to make money online?

    Pfff impossible. You talking crazy :o
  16. Scorpion Ghost

    Best offline business for the future?

  17. Scorpion Ghost

    How to Index my URL on a Site That I Don't Own?

    Social shares bro, come on. Forums. Blogs comments sections. Pinging sites (not sure if pinging is still a thing lol my knowledge is outdated haha)
  18. Scorpion Ghost

    Today, I have completed 13 years on BHW

    Nice write up bro. I have 0 attention span nowadays and i rarely read anything nowadays, i just sort of skim through text. But i read every word you wrote. Respect. Keep on husting.
  19. Scorpion Ghost

    spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M

    Spam rocks. I dont know about seo, but spam is great in so many ways :D Scammers can suck my balls. Spammers rock. Just had to say that because people ignorantly associate spammers with scammers. But its not the same. Like, you send a private message to someone on Instagram or wherever or you...
  20. Scorpion Ghost

    Share how you made your first $.

    Paid to click probably. Only real hustlers that started from nothing started this online MMO thing with PTC. Real gangsta shit yo :D