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  1. pocketttt

    Silent Hill 2 is turning 20 years old today, did you played this game?

    yep, one of biggest horror games is turning 20 years old today great game,
  2. pocketttt

    what is the best sites to upload porn nowadays? (porn reupload method)

    since xhamster need be verifield , was the best site to do porn reupload for me, now i looking for alternatives, can someone suggest me? I tryed spankbang but some upload was ghosted any suggestions are apreciated thanks, sorry my english, not my main language
  3. pocketttt

    Youtube is full of crap if you search for make money online

    Did you saw something useful when you searched for "make money online' or similar searches on youtube? Im done of videos like "make 1 trillion without work in 24h" such uselles I seem same persons posting same crap videos each day with a clickbait title..... Since I started IM , i just saw 1...
  4. pocketttt

    Ideas to monetize some expired domain traffic

    so, i getting 300-400 visits from my expired domain i bought , i redirecting all to chaturbate but its not working well, i getting views but no signups I have tryed redirect to sfw smartlink offer but bad results (like 3$ per week or so) so i want some suggestion to how monetize this kind of...
  5. pocketttt

    Suggest me some ppd or url shortener

    Hi, i want a url shortener or a pay per download site who pay about 1$ per download or more for each USA without annoying surveys, can someone recomend me?
  6. pocketttt

    Any tips to get referrals on make money niche?

    So i want to get some active referrals on money make niche any tips or free methods to get, please leave a suggestion thank you
  7. pocketttt

    expired domain traffic have crap quality

    so, I have my traffic jacker to find expired domains on youtube, i found some and registred to test but the quality of traffic is crap, i trying to monetize in diferent ways And i didint found nothing profitable yet so, i start to promote los pollos smartlink, here the stats from the last 7...
  8. pocketttt

    What about these spam emails coming to my inbox?

    so, every day I receive spam emails coming to my inbox I noticed is almost all is from gmail, any tips how to do this? is bit anoying sorry my english, not my main language
  9. pocketttt

    There is some tool to see the traffic from expired domain before buy the expired domain?

    This is possible? any website to check expired domains traffic? sorry my english, not my main language, thanks
  10. pocketttt

    I getting login error on clickbank

    then i try to login on clickbank i getting "Internal Server Error" is just me or someone else is getting this error?
  11. pocketttt

    I should sell this domain?

    i have a question to experts of domains flipping I recently bought a expired domain of a rock band from 2015 more or less, and this band has lot views on their clips (some over 1m) and have the domain on their videos I getting about 30 visits per day on the domain, i tryed to monetize with sfw...
  12. pocketttt

    How to monetize music niche?

    So I found on youtube a expired domain from a rock band from 8 years ago the band have lot views on the videos, some most than 1 million I registred the main site from this band and i getting about 30 visits per day on the site i tryed to monetize with lost pollos sfw smartlink with no sucess...
  13. pocketttt

    Any ideas or methods to get adult free traffic?

    so, i started again to do porn reupload, but seens is not working as before, i getting only few clicks any methods to get free adult traffic nowadays? any tips is apreciate thanks
  14. pocketttt

    What is the best way to find expired domains with traffic?

    so, i looking for a guide or tool to find expired domains with traffic, can someone suggest me please i have my traffic jacker to find expired domains on youtube, i tryed to buy some domains founded by this tool, but have only little traffic, not worth
  15. pocketttt

    Any tools to make upload the videos to multiple sites?

    do someone knows any tools to upload videos to multiple sites? can be sfw or nsfw videos any help is apreciated sorry my english, now my main language
  16. pocketttt

    Any working software to make upload of videos?

    can someone suggest me a software or website to make alot upload on videos plataform, can be nsfw or sfw, i just want one working i googled this and i only see outdate softwares
  17. pocketttt

    what are the best uses of an edu email?

    i know you can use premium with edu email, but what is the other best uses?
  18. pocketttt

    what are the best sites to sell digital products and ebooks?

    I used to sell my ebooks on fiverr, but they started deleting my gigs and warning me because of my ebooks, so I'm looking for an alternative to fiverr, can anyone recommend me what are the best sites to sell ebooks and digital products?
  19. pocketttt

    Journey to 100$ daily by playing crypto games spending 0

    This is my second journey, the first one (amazon reddit method) I didn’t reach my goal, but this one I’ll try to achieve i started playing crypto games a week ago so far i have won 15 $ worth of crypto currency and nft by playing alien worlds alien worlds is the most popular crypto game at...
  20. pocketttt

    Earn TLM by playing this game

    anyone here is playing alien worlds? I started 4 days ago (playing few hours) and i have earned 5$ usd in TLM for now the game is simple, you just need to click on button times on times you can see more info in this video main website: